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FoIP- Fax Over IP Solution Deep Dive

Fax Over IP - FoIP Software Solution
Fax Over IP, commonly known as FoIP Solution is a software solution of Fax machine. Using VoIP technologies, we develop a soft fax server which will use the VoIP protocols to transfer the Fax over audio lines. It's also known as soft fax server and virtual fax system. You don't need to install or operate the heavy fax machines to send faxes. You may easily send the faxes using a PC or phone. FoIP solution is more cost effective compared to the traditional Fax system.

How FoIP System Works?
At Sender's End:

  • A sender can send a fax by composing an email with all the required details of the recipient, subject and content or documents which need to get sent as a fax.
  • The content/documents to be faxed can be attached as attachments or pasted in the mail body. These attachments can support multiple predefined formats. 
  • The fax server will decompose and frame the fax in a predefined way.
  • The fax will be sent on VoIP lines digitally which will ensure the quality and cost effectiveness.
  • At receiving end, the digital fax will be converted into the analog signals and will be delivered as a normal fax.

At Receiver's End:
  • When a VoIP fax server will receive a fax, it will convert it into the digital format.
  • Fax Server will send the fax to the defined recipient in the predefined format. 
  • The fax can be delivered as wither a fax document or an email.

The user can send/receive faxes in three different ways which are briefly described below:

Web to Fax
An end user will be furnished with a predefined and specifically designed web portal. A web portal will have a simple form or email composer kind of layout. A user may compose a fax in a same way he composes an email The only difference is you have to mention a phone number instead of email id.

Email to Fax
To use email to fax, an end user needs to simply compose an email and address the recipients number followed by the fax server name. For example. if is a fax server then send an email to:

Fax to Email
Whenever someone sends a fax, it can be received as an email which can be printed or stored for later use.

Features of Soft Fax Server Software
  • Send Faxes using PC, tablets and/or phone.
  • Send Faxes anytime, from anywhere
  • No Software or plugin installation requirements
  • Cut down the extra expenses of Fax Machine & papers
  • Storage of faxes for future use
  • Auto forward of faxes in case of failure
  • Notifications of Fax delivery status
  • Concurrent Fax Sending to Multiple Recipients
  • Custom Cover Page attachment in a fax
  • Color Fax
  • Phone number blockage facility to reduce spam faxes
  • CDR Reports

FoIP Solution will make the daunting task of faxing more easy, speedy and cost effective. It will save the time & the efforts of your resources which can be used for more productive tasks. In the digital world, get the digital fax!!!

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