Saturday, 8 October 2016

Story: Empower the Needful

Today we had an event in our company and one of the game was like a hazy picture was given to us. We were supposed to make a meaningful story out of it. The picture we got and the story we articulated intrigued me to write this Blog as I really want to convey the message to maximum possible people. If you like this story, please pass it to others and if you like the message in it please cultivate in your life.

Story: Empower the Needful
There was a truck driver called Bahadursinh making his living by driving truck on contract basis. He lives in a very small village of Punjab. In his family, he has a sick mother; a young sister for whom he needs to arrange dowry; a widow sister with two small kids studying in primary and secondary schools. Bahadursinh always face shortage of money so each contract makes a big difference in his life.

As part of the contract, he was supposed to fetch a consignment from Ahmedabad. He was late and the shipment manager was angry on him. He asked him if he won't reach in 10 minutes, the consignment will be given to another driver. He had to pay the fees of his nephew and buy medicine for her mother so he had to get this consignment. But, he wasn't able to locate the address.

He went to a tea stall where a few people were standing and asked the address. One of them suggested to go straight and then take left.
Suddenly, a man next to him said, “No, that's a long way. Take a right and get onto highway, then take left. It will make you reach quickly”.
The 1st man said, “No, there will be traffic. It will make him late. Go straight and take left.”
The 2nd man said, “There can't be traffic at this time. Go in the direction I verbalized.”

Both of them started arguing and explaining how and why their suggested path is right. In between a few more people joined the herd. Some thought a quarrel happening and some thought might be an accident. More and more people started gathering. Different people with different judgments which led them to start asking like what happened and other people explaining them which was distracting whole conversation agenda. Even people started giving him different directions which made him more confused.

From somewhere a lady came, get the whole scenario and asked that truck driver to come behind me as I am going the same way. He went behind her and reached his destiny.

Instead of fighting on proving that the direction they are suggesting, one of them could have given up so at least Bahadursinh could start moving towards his destination. They both wanted him to reach his destination, so they could have come on some common suggestion. Bahadur himself could have been reactive to gauge which one of them sounds more credible and follow his direction with an instinct or he could have left both of them and move to ask some other wise man instead of wasting his precious time in listening the useless arguments.

Lessons from the story:

  1. Instead of proving ourselves right, we should contribute in creating the situation right for the person who need our suggestions. It's not about you, it's about him and his betterment
  2. Sometimes just to prove ourselves right, even if we want to do something good for someone, we do opposite and worsen the situation for him. So better to leave our selfish egoist side aside and get to a common ground or just give up by letting the next person win so at least the guy can move on towards his destiny.
  3. Don't be judgmental to satisfy your curiosity. Make sure to help the one or leave or just be quiet until the Needful get the solution so someone wants to help can help. Don't distract those who are trying to help.
  4. Lead by action. Not by words
  5. When too many suggestions are coming, be wise enough to quickly decide which one to follow. If you can't decide, leave the place find help somewhere else instead of wasting your time staying stealth.