Wednesday, 30 April 2014

FoIP- Fax Over IP Solution Deep Dive

Fax Over IP - FoIP Software Solution
Fax Over IP, commonly known as FoIP Solution is a software solution of Fax machine. Using VoIP technologies, we develop a soft fax server which will use the VoIP protocols to transfer the Fax over audio lines. It's also known as soft fax server and virtual fax system. You don't need to install or operate the heavy fax machines to send faxes. You may easily send the faxes using a PC or phone. FoIP solution is more cost effective compared to the traditional Fax system.

How FoIP System Works?
At Sender's End:

  • A sender can send a fax by composing an email with all the required details of the recipient, subject and content or documents which need to get sent as a fax.
  • The content/documents to be faxed can be attached as attachments or pasted in the mail body. These attachments can support multiple predefined formats. 
  • The fax server will decompose and frame the fax in a predefined way.
  • The fax will be sent on VoIP lines digitally which will ensure the quality and cost effectiveness.
  • At receiving end, the digital fax will be converted into the analog signals and will be delivered as a normal fax.

At Receiver's End:
  • When a VoIP fax server will receive a fax, it will convert it into the digital format.
  • Fax Server will send the fax to the defined recipient in the predefined format. 
  • The fax can be delivered as wither a fax document or an email.

The user can send/receive faxes in three different ways which are briefly described below:

Web to Fax
An end user will be furnished with a predefined and specifically designed web portal. A web portal will have a simple form or email composer kind of layout. A user may compose a fax in a same way he composes an email The only difference is you have to mention a phone number instead of email id.

Email to Fax
To use email to fax, an end user needs to simply compose an email and address the recipients number followed by the fax server name. For example. if is a fax server then send an email to:

Fax to Email
Whenever someone sends a fax, it can be received as an email which can be printed or stored for later use.

Features of Soft Fax Server Software
  • Send Faxes using PC, tablets and/or phone.
  • Send Faxes anytime, from anywhere
  • No Software or plugin installation requirements
  • Cut down the extra expenses of Fax Machine & papers
  • Storage of faxes for future use
  • Auto forward of faxes in case of failure
  • Notifications of Fax delivery status
  • Concurrent Fax Sending to Multiple Recipients
  • Custom Cover Page attachment in a fax
  • Color Fax
  • Phone number blockage facility to reduce spam faxes
  • CDR Reports

FoIP Solution will make the daunting task of faxing more easy, speedy and cost effective. It will save the time & the efforts of your resources which can be used for more productive tasks. In the digital world, get the digital fax!!!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

On a fine windy evening sun was setting, dark started spreading. A shadow of a girl appeared from the west. Her blonde open hair was harassing her eyes. She was trying to get rid of it, but obdurate hair was not in the mood to listen her wishes.  Visually it was appearing to be a game between her fingers and hair.  Her eyes were looking for something. Suddenly, she saw a man, clicking photographs. She rushed to him, tapped him and in a lofty way she asked, “Could you please allow me to make a call?” The man turned around.  The moment he saw her, his eyes popped out. It seems his eyeballs might fell down at any vary second.  What he was witnessing was quite shocking for any normal man! He saw a girl, who was wearing a black leather pant & white jersey. On her jersey, there were splashes of human blood.  Her head was swollen, maybe brutally hurt by something. She had many scratches on her body. She was holding a gun in her right hand. She shook him and asked to allow her to make a call, more authentically this time.  The photographer handed over the cell phone with mix expression & feeling of shock and fear.

She dialed a number and waited for a while to get it answered. “Hey Kate here. Yeah! Paley is dead, his body is laying on the hill.”, “My cell is broken & jeep is crumbled in that scramble so I am calling from the cell phone of a local.”, ”Umm Yeah! I have already left & will be there in some time. Could you please arrange the needful for the body?”Yeah! Thanks. Bye.” She returned the phone, headed to her way and in sometime just vanished. The photographer was still standing there like a mannequin. 

After some time he received his senses back, closed his open mouth & started twinkling and wondering,  What just happened?”, “Did I imagine this?”,  Was it real?”, “Was she.., was she talking about a, DEAD BODYYYYYY?” “Who was she?” “A murderer?”, “A mirage?” , “Where did she…, where did she go?”, “What should I do?” “Shall I call 911? Aw, So many questions…  I am feeling like my brain will blast at any moment & will spill all over the ground.”  He found himself in a bizarre…. 

To be continued….

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Top 10 Secrets of Being Successful Entrepreneur

Top 10 Secrets to be Successful Entrepreneur
Today I am going to talk about entrepreneurship. Well, I am not an entrepreneur and not even willing to be the one, but pursuing few courses of international universities related to it with an agenda of learning something enlightening. As you might know [if you are a regular reader or knowing me] that I am a lifelong learner who always keep her curious eyes open to learn something new in each possible moment.

Coming back to the topic. Entrepreneur requires passion, commitment, and the willingness to step outside one's  personal comfort zone. According to me there is no magic formula which can work for any business and for any startup, but there are a few general practice which can be followed to be a successful entrepreneur. Below I have listed the top 10 such secrets to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Find an idea with a truly large & ideal market for which people will attach great value. 
In other words, an entrepreneur must have vision to select the best market to target by deselecting other alluring market segments. You won't be able to rule the world by single warfare. You have to conquer one segment at a time and then go ahead for the next one. Keep one target at the moment.

2. Recruit extremely gifted and intelligent people to work with you.
The loyal and trustworthy employee(s) with intelligence is difficult to find, but not impossible. Such employee(s) is known as "Energy Amplifiers" who not only energize you with their fidelity, but also play role of pillars of a strong, powerful and successful empire. If you haven't got such employee(s) then start the search now and if you have them, you are having the gems to conserve.

3. Being ridiculously practical and passionate about your idea, product, or process.
Being emotional is a fundamental right of any human being, but an entrepreneur cannot take any decision emotionally. Each decision must be taken damn practically by thinking of each possible consequence. An entrepreneur has to be passionate about his own ideas and products which will shape his business and vision.

4. Be prepared to work 70 to 80 hours a week, and more, for the rest of your life.
Being an entrepreneur  is not an Indian govt. job. An entrepreneur has to work harder. No holidays and no sickness. He has to work continuously because he is the base of a large pyramid of business. He can't quit and can't run away from the responsibilities. 

5. Be persistent and smile.
Yes, that's what it meant, be persistent and smile. Just have confidence in yourself & love whatever you do. You are going to work for 70-80 hrs a week for a lifetime, so you have to love what you do and always keep a light smile. It will not only relieve all stress you might have, but will also help your employees to get a positive and energetic working environment.

6. Lead and work with people, do not try to manage them.
A very nice quote I would like to share, "The engine leads the train to its final destination.". If an engine starts managing the compartments, then it might be too difficult to make a way ahead towards the final destination. An entrepreneur must be part of the working environment by taking enthusiastic participation in business activities and leading them positively.

7. Do not ever, ever, ever lie or purposely mislead yourself or others.
One of the most important secrets of human being is that we all know everything about our own-self. What is right and not? So never lie to yourself. For instance, as an entrepreneur if you started something & it went wrong, don't sail into the drowning ship. Accept your pitfalls and move on. Take new decision & envision new opportunities. Similarly, never lie or mislead others for short term gains because such practice may lead your enterprise to egregious disparagement & failure.

8. Do not run out of money.
The line says everything itself. I don't think I need to explain anything. Do I? :)

9. Have patience 
The most important quality any entrepreneur should have in his gene. Success can't earn overnight. You have to have the patience to reach at the summit of the success.

10. Find a significant other that will put up with this craziness and support your ego at times of crisis.  
As an entrepreneur, you are going to live unusual and more hard life than an ordinary person. You might face the stress whole day during your work. At such time, having the significant other who takes away all your stress with an affectionate smile. You might face time when people laugh on your creative idea which sounds crazy to others. At such time, having someone who understands your crazy passion and support will rejuvenate you. You might be going to lead a very hard, stressful and practical life. You should have the one who can understand your unspoken words and unexpressed feelings because you might not get much time to have long conversations with the significant other. Such significant other will play the role of your support system.

These are ordinary, but not so ordinary secrets to be a successful entrepreneur which I have collected from international veteran business consultants. Try to incorporate these secrets and cultivate your enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

VoIP Solution and Related Technologies

VoIP Solution
Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice Over IP is commonly known as VoIP. Basically VoIP converts the analog signal [means simple audio signal] into the digital signal [means on/off pulses, bits 0 & 1], transmit over the transmission line and convert the digital signal into the analog signal at the receiving end. The VoIP solution can be used as the replacement of a traditional telephony system. There are a number of solutions which can be developed using VoIP. Some of them are listed below:
  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Conference Call Solution
  • Click To Call Solution
  • Voice Broadcasting Solution
  • PBX Solution
  • Polling Solution
  • Billing Solution
  • Calling Solution
  • Virtual/Soft Fax Server Solution
  • Many More
There are various technologies available to develop a VoIP solution. Let's explore those in brief.

Asterisk is a PBX [Private Branch Exchange] Software which can be used to develop various feature rich VoIP solutions. Asterisk was developed by "Mark Spencer" of Digium in 1999. It was originally designed for Linux but now it can run on various operating systems. It is an open source. It has the General Public License (GLU). Asterisk is the one of the early invented VoIP technology.

FreeSWITCH is an open source VoIP Software (Softswitch) invented by Anthony Minessale. Asterisk had a limitation in the number of concurrent calls and quality of conference calling, So one of the Asterisk developer Anthony who was working on a Conferencing Module developed new VoIP development platform, known as "FreeSWITCH". It offers all the features of Asterisk with more concurrent call capacity and quality conferencing. It has Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Web Real Time Communication aka WebRTC is a VoIP platform which provides remarkable quality in conferencing solution development. WebRTC can be used to create a web based conferencing solution which can be accessible by any client without any extra hardware or plugin installation. As the WebRTC based conferencing solution is using the web based interface it can provide many fascinating features including online presentations, demo, hangouts, chats, file & document sharing, etc.

OpenSIPs & Kamailio are other VoIP software development platforms. These technologies are most widely used for wholesale and retail VoIP traffic handling and more effective call routing. These two technologies are proxy SIPs and not PBXs like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH. So these two technologies can only be used for call routing and load balancing. For other features of VoIP solutions, developers can hybrid the software by using more than one VoIP development platforms.

There are many advantages of VoIP. Some of them are listed below:
  • It uses digital lines for transmission so it is more cost effective because the client doesn't need to pay extra toll charges which he has to pay in the traditional telephony system.
  • It provides more quality as digital signals are traversed instead of analog which are less penetrated to noise and other distortions.
  • Addition of new extensions is easier and hassle free.
  • It doesn't require bulky hardware switches and wires so implementation is quite easier.
  • It provides HD sound quality without frequent signal amplifications which might be required in analog signal transmission of traditional phone lines. It makes it more qualitative and cost effective.
  • It can be used during traveling as well because you don't need to attach the traditional hardware or wires.

There are few Disadvantages of VoIP [which can be easily overcome] are listed below:
  • It relies on the internet. So it cannot perform up to the mark in low bandwidth internet connection. This can be overcome with good internet lines.
  • During power outages, the VoIP system can be down as it needs a power supply. It can be overcome by using UPS and similar devices
  • It doesn't support the emergency numbers. Emergency numbers like 100 in India & 911 in US can't find in VoIP Solution by default. But it can be programmed easily and offered by VoIP developers on demand.

VoIP is a revolutionary invention which provides all the features of traditional telephone systems with many more advanced features with much more quality at comparatively low rates.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Baby's Day Out

I am not going to talk about the movie "Baby's Day Out". It's something different ;). I usually like to go to only 2 places. First is my office and 2nd is my home :). Last Weekend I went out for outing with my office colleagues. So I am gonna talk about baby's means my day out ;) :D

Well My journey started in the morning at 8:15 AM. I met my colleagues one by one. There is a proverb called "Main to Akela hi chala tha safar-e-Zindgi mein, rahe milati gayi aur carvan banata gaya". It means I started the journey of my life alone, but the paths crossed and I got companions on the way :) After having breakfast, we departed for the waterpark. We lost our way in confusing Gandhinagar. The most confusing thing was different people were showing the different ways. Some were showing wrong way over confidently :D. We were lost between the Google Map and audience poll, but somehow we managed and reached the waterpark.

Pranav - Plunge in the Water at Waterpark
In the hot summer noon, we had hot tea :P and then we literally attacked the waterpark. So much of fun that can't be explained. It can be felt only. We had group sliding from the slider. We had Rain Dance. We climbed the waterfall and tried various water rides as well. The funny thing was because I'm underweight, I used to get stuck in the rides and I had to manually glide :P Twice I even got kicked by my fellow colleagues :D Another funny incidence was when we were gliding in the longest slider, a monkey was running side by side. We were afraid of the surprise monkey jump on us :D All rides were nice, but two I liked the most. The pendulum and "The Kargil Family Ride". If I had to select only one then my vote goes to Kargil ride. It was the fast ride. After 2 secs you just reach in another world. You just can't sense where you are and where are you going. You just come back to earth once you get plunge in the water with full force. People usually get single ducking in the water, but people who are underweight ducked inside twice :D My friends tried to submerge me because I talk so less :P :D At 5 we had to leave the venue and we departed for the next destination which was "AmarDham".

Amardham is a beautiful place on a cliff. The view from the cliff was so panoramic that any nature lover just get lost in it. Simply beautiful. On the way we watched sunset. It was magnificent. Then the Fountain show of the Akshardham, Gandhinagar. It might be the 2nd ranked water laser show in India or Asia. The story, animation everything was beautiful, but as we were in a naughty mood, we did lots of fun over there as well .We passed many funny comments as it was coming naturally. We were constantly giggling. :D

After having dinner we fell apart. My day ended at 10:45 PM. We had lots and lots of fun. The constant thing was constant hammering & drama. Some highlights are "Jor karo", "wow man", "So handsome Yamaraj", "So innocent & intelligent just like me". "Sajanaaaaaa". The meaning of these words could be understandable only by the people who were on the trip or who watched the videos :D

The day was ended. So the journey was, but something remained constant. That was the hilarious memories we collected on that day. It will stay in our hearts forever. I am thankful to all friends who gifted me such a beautiful day of my life ;)

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