Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Is Today's Advanced Successful Generation Forgetting Something Important?

Today's generation is smart, intelligent, advanced, technically sound and so on. Adjectives will be finished, but praise for today's advanced generation can't. They are in the running race of success, ambitions, love, lust, fun, enjoyment and what not! They just don't have time for anything. I mean life is so damn busy. Studies, office, work, exams, party, outing, hanging out with friends, pampering boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. They don't have time for their own-selves. So many apps & games are there & we have to be used to with each app. We have to score more than anyone else in the group. We have to be on each & every social media sites. Right?

Most of us are dreaming for someone special who come & take care of us. The own who make us feel special by scolding us when we don't take proper care of ourselves. The one who calls us to know where we are? The one who pamper us, love us and take extra care of us. We are ready to get dominated by them because it's their love. His stupid talks & silly question are so special. We love to teach new things to that one. Don't we dream of it or want to have someone who do all these for us?

Friendship. We have to go at friend's help, no matter it's the middle of the night. We have to hang out with friends and have to attend all functions & event of his/her otherwise they might get upset with us. We have to say sorry thousands of time to coax those buddies. right?

What about those people who are not as technically sound as we are? What about those people who always stand by us even if we never asked for the help? What about those people who love us unconditionally? Do you know about whom I am talking? I am talking about our PARENTS. They always take care of us. Always tried to lead us on the right path, but with advancement of life, most of us has started ignoring them. Even some of us started insulting them by saying "you can't understand. You can't learn it." and may be many such hurting words & sentences. You know better yourself and/or others around you.

However advance you are or whatever you are is just because of your parents. They never thought about themselves. They were also tired when you were kid & asked to play with you. They spend sleepless nights and restless days just for your goodwill. They have sacrificed and compromised their happiness, will, money, dreams and what not. They never expected any reward or praise from you.

Don't you think they deserve your TIME. Yes, we are growing up, but do not forget that they are also growing old. They deserve our time, care, love, affection. It's your turn now. It's time to do those small & special things to do for them which they did for you when you were a kid. Make them feel special because indeed they are so special. Spend time with them. Go for outing with them. Give them surprises. Answer their questions. Teach them the technology.

Believe me, the happiness which you will achieve after spreading a smile on your parents face because of you is priceless. It will make you feel awesome. I mean, I don't have the exact words to express that feeling which you will earn by making your parents happier. Try yourself and experience it on your-own. Believe me it won't take much effort because winning hearts of parents needs little effort, little time and our affection. Be a good child. That will be your actual success when you achieve a smile on your parent's face and pride because of you in their eyes. ;)

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Does Looks Really Matters?

Looks matter?
You must have faced or heard of this question somewhere in your life. Haven't you? Recently, I had just like that discussion with someone on this topic and have also experienced some weird incidences which made me think and talk about this topic here.

Most of the people, used to judge/like/dislike others based on their outer looks. Even most of us usually get worried if we get any scar, mark or pimple. We check the mirror on a daily basis [few people might check it more frequently :D] and talk with own selves like okay today I look more beautiful/handsome than yesterday and we smile on our good looks. It can also happen like, we look into the mirror and say oh my God! I have put on some weight, I have to loose it or Aw crap! there is an ugly pimple on my face, let me try some face packs to get rid of it. Do you think it is really worth to get worried so much about some extra pounds of weight and/or getting panic for pimples? Why? Don't you love yourself as you are?

Can't you love yourself with pimples, scars, marks, fat. Etc? I don't think it affects your own-selves . It only affect when you are more concerned about what others are thinking about you and your looks? And if it so, do you really think you need to worry about those insane people who judge your beauty by your outer physics? Do you think they really deserve your efforts to look perfect according to their conceptions and imaginations? Especially, when they are not giving efforts to identify your inner beauty?

You know what, just don't worry much about your physical appearance. It really doesn't matter until and unless you are part of the glamour industry. Just love yourself as you are and give a damn to so called appearance conjecture. The people will love you as you are and they even never bother to measure your looks with fat, marks or scars. The people who know you as you, will love you unconditionally and never pay attention to such idiotic things ;) If someone leaves/criticize you for your appearance, Trust me they just DO NOT DESERVE YOU ;) :) If they comment on your looks negatively, just give them one of my fav. lines "It's me as me, Love me or leave me" ;) Don't lose yourself for anyone by changing yourself to fit in someone's good look criteria because if you don't like/love yourself in a way you are, why should anyone else will?

Love yourself in a way you are because looks really doesn't matter, your SOUL does :)

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wonderful Celebration of Our Annual Event [Guest Post]

Hardev Joshi - Designer
I feel happy to say I am working in Ecosmob Technology pvt ltd. I joined here at 1st Apr 2013. That Aprilfool day was very lucky for me. We had celebrated our annual function in July & August. It was great Experience in my life. Our HR ­team had Arranged different types of games and lots of new things. Our 1st event was a quiz contest in which I gained lots of GK. Our next step for enjoyment was drama and our team was Mavericks. I can never forget that moment when our judges had given me standing ovation. That was the golden time for me, but that success was achieved by the hard work of the whole team, not only me. After that the event was theme Decoration with "convert wasn't into the best" and our theme was history of mankind. It was superb experience in that event, as a designer i  learned about Creativity. I listened to our all team members opinion. We were the winners for this event also.15Aug 8.00am we were going to "suramya seven" club­house and that our final event took place. We started with playing cricket and we played many other games. Our company had also managed  breakfast, lunch & snacks. Another surprize for me was that I won the reward of suggestion of the year. My happiness is not possible to explain in word here. I just explained my few feeling. Each event give us a big platform to prove ourselves. It was the unforgettable period of my all life. I learned lots of things from these events and it is useful in my professional and personal life, too.

Author Bio
Blog is written by Hardev Joshi, aspiring Designer who likes creative graphic designing and innovative web designing. He likes to meet new people and make friends.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Change the system, Don't let system change you

Change will start from you
We experience corruption and ill systems around us directly or indirectly and we keep on moving with an apathetic approach by ignoring it.

We argue, why should I? But why aren't we asking like why not me? why not to obey all the rules? why not to stop corruption from my end? why not to raise the voice if somebody is dishonest? why not to take the side of truth and honesty?

Let me answer this as well. We act as a victim of the corrupt ill system because we are addicted to it. We want short term facilities which can ruin our and others  progress & peace. We are scared to go against the flow because we have started believing in few 21st century sayings which are "Honesty is not the best policy, diplomacy is", "Fake is more considerable/appreciable than facts", "Majority wins".

We, on our own, don't raise voice for truth & honesty, but we start pulling hard the person down knowingly or unknowingly to involve him in our corrupt system by being in the majority. If somebody tries to raise voice against the ill system, we start criticizing him in such a harsh way that person loses his moral and give up the fight of improvement with thinking if you don't want a better system, why should I fight for your betterment? We all are habitual to go with the flow even if we know this is wrong. We might have killed our souls, so we can't hear the voice of the soul when we are doing/supporting the wrong things.

Don't be part or a victim of the ill system. Start change from yourself, discuss with others, support them who are raising their voice for honesty and truth. There is nothing bad to be alone for the truth, but it's bad to kill soul and be in the crowd of wrong ones.

I do believe in fight for the truth and honesty. People usually taunt me "I will be alone", "i won't get anything", "I will lose everything", but I don't worry about it because even if I will lose everything, I will have satisfaction for live up to my principals & Stand for the Truth. I don't know how to "Go with the flow, I go against the flow for the facts". Listen to your soul and be a warrior. To change the system, start changing yourself, your family, friends, home, office, city, state, country and world.

Change will start from  you only.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Is system corrupt or ill? or You?

Don't be Part of corrupt ill system
We blame the system and corruption or we do hear people debating on some rules or political parties or acts. People just keep on blaming others for corruption and ill systems, but do we really have right to blame the system?

I think NO. Why? Have you ever tried to change the system? Have you ever taken any effort to improve the system? Just forget about giving efforts on your own. Have you ever supported or tried to support the one who is trying to improve the system?

We, people are so busy in our life, we can only comment on things going wrong or at max, we can just spit our anger out in front of people who cannot do anything for improvement.

We witness conversations people stating India is backward compared to other countries, but I want to ask have you ever tried to contribute in the progress of your country, state, city, company? Let me give some examples, we use water pouches or eat chocolates or snacks and if we can't find dustbin nearby, we throw it on the road. We see males are sitting on the reserved ladies seat, but we don't say anything with thinking that tomorrow I can get that seat so why to speak up? We don't wear a helmet or forget licence and when we get caught by traffic police, we start crying like I'm poor please let me know take 10-50 Rs/-. We don't take a memo, to save some bucks. We pay few Rs extra to get licence at home or to get a loan without any verification. We waste water or keep light switches on because we might think like everybody is wasting why should I save it? Somebody is dishonest with his/her work or not performing his/her job perfectly, we think like why should I say anything? It doesn't matter to me. If a group of people is beating a single person, we either pass away from there or stay there to see free movie scene, but we never bother to call the police or try do something to rescue that person with thinking why should I get into it as it doesn't matter to me?

There can be so many such things happen in our day to day life. Think about few more and I will discuss more on this in an upcoming blog post.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

What Would You Like To Change from Your Past?

Have you ever come across the questions in your life which made you think for a while? I think there must be many such questions. Today, I would like to discuss about one of such question I faced before some time.

In an interview, the interviewers asked me. “What would you like to change from your past?” That question actually made me think for a while. It was like, within fraction of second, the whole life passed like a film strip and I replied “Nothing, I do not want to change anything because whatever I am today is because of what I have passed through erstwhile.” I meant that, good moments giggled me and those incidences where I found myself cheated, scratched, weaken, given me the most precious thing of my life called, “Experience”. When I look back, there are many incidences where I say to myself, “What an idiot I was!”, but at the same time I promise to myself, “I will never repeat that mistakes again”. I will try hard to make my tomorrow better than yesterday and today. So I do love myself in a way I am and my past made me like this so I wouldn't like to change anything :)

I think everyone should have such thinking of not to change anything from the past because if you will start thinking about those things which did not happen or didn't go in your favor then you will keep on regretting for your past which is already gone out of your hand. Don't you think it's better to think about today which in your hand so you can make your tomorrow better than before. :)

I have read a saying, "Never Regret, Just learn and move on". So true! isn't it? Learn from your past mistakes and move on to build a better tomorrow. 

Ash Vyas SEO Ash Vyas is working as an internet Marketing manager at Ecosmob handling digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, Linkbuilding.
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