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Story: Empower the Needful

Today we had an event in our company and one of the game was like a hazy picture was given to us. We were supposed to make a meaningful story out of it. The picture we got and the story we articulated intrigued me to write this Blog as I really want to convey the message to maximum possible people. If you like this story, please pass it to others and if you like the message in it please cultivate in your life.

Story: Empower the Needful
There was a truck driver called Bahadursinh making his living by driving truck on contract basis. He lives in a very small village of Punjab. In his family, he has a sick mother; a young sister for whom he needs to arrange dowry; a widow sister with two small kids studying in primary and secondary schools. Bahadursinh always face shortage of money so each contract makes a big difference in his life.

As part of the contract, he was supposed to fetch a consignment from Ahmedabad. He was late and the shipment manager was angry on him. He asked him if he won't reach in 10 minutes, the consignment will be given to another driver. He had to pay the fees of his nephew and buy medicine for her mother so he had to get this consignment. But, he wasn't able to locate the address.

He went to a tea stall where a few people were standing and asked the address. One of them suggested to go straight and then take left.
Suddenly, a man next to him said, “No, that's a long way. Take a right and get onto highway, then take left. It will make you reach quickly”.
The 1st man said, “No, there will be traffic. It will make him late. Go straight and take left.”
The 2nd man said, “There can't be traffic at this time. Go in the direction I verbalized.”

Both of them started arguing and explaining how and why their suggested path is right. In between a few more people joined the herd. Some thought a quarrel happening and some thought might be an accident. More and more people started gathering. Different people with different judgments which led them to start asking like what happened and other people explaining them which was distracting whole conversation agenda. Even people started giving him different directions which made him more confused.

From somewhere a lady came, get the whole scenario and asked that truck driver to come behind me as I am going the same way. He went behind her and reached his destiny.

Instead of fighting on proving that the direction they are suggesting, one of them could have given up so at least Bahadursinh could start moving towards his destination. They both wanted him to reach his destination, so they could have come on some common suggestion. Bahadur himself could have been reactive to gauge which one of them sounds more credible and follow his direction with an instinct or he could have left both of them and move to ask some other wise man instead of wasting his precious time in listening the useless arguments.

Lessons from the story:

  1. Instead of proving ourselves right, we should contribute in creating the situation right for the person who need our suggestions. It's not about you, it's about him and his betterment
  2. Sometimes just to prove ourselves right, even if we want to do something good for someone, we do opposite and worsen the situation for him. So better to leave our selfish egoist side aside and get to a common ground or just give up by letting the next person win so at least the guy can move on towards his destiny.
  3. Don't be judgmental to satisfy your curiosity. Make sure to help the one or leave or just be quiet until the Needful get the solution so someone wants to help can help. Don't distract those who are trying to help.
  4. Lead by action. Not by words
  5. When too many suggestions are coming, be wise enough to quickly decide which one to follow. If you can't decide, leave the place find help somewhere else instead of wasting your time staying stealth.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Destiny Play Its Role: Last Part

This is the last part of the fiction story. If you missed the first part, have a glance from here:
Things were going well. But, the destiny had to play its role again. A fresher joined the college. She was damn gorgeous. Every boy of the college wanted to be her friend, or to talk with. She was Malissa...!! Moon was also knowingly/unknowingly the one who wanted to be her friend. Ananya had sensed this, but never had any issue with his this desire. In fact, she started pulling his leg on this. Moon used his charm and made Malissa his friend. Ananya was pretty much fine with that.

But slowly and gradually, Ananya started feeling that Malissa is becoming more important than her to Moon. Ananya kept on wondering about the reason, why is she getting more importance than me in such a less time, even if I have been the closest to him for so long. May be she is more like minded to him so they share a good bond. That's fine.

But, it was not! Ananya had only one friend, who is busy now with a new friend. Even after resisting so much Ananya had got emotionally dependent on Moon. As she started watching the gap between their friendship, she started feeling the emptiness. She tried a lot to hold their friendship as she wanted it to be the way it has always been. In this chase of holding the friendship, the gap became even bigger.

Gradually she started feeling lost the life she had started living. The tears of daytime, the emptiness of lonely time was not something her life was about. She was a confident, full of life person. She faced bad emotional outbursts. As a good human being moon was there to listen to her outbursts. But, the painful thing was, he was just listening, not empathizing. This experience was breaking her inside. The person who was one of the most important people in her life, she was nothing for him! Maybe something, but not as important as she was thinking she was! How painful it is to realize that you were living in the myth that you are having a strong and irreplaceable emotional bonds with someone. But, the fact was just that the person never had that emotional connection and was just being nice to a lonely sad girl! Sounds much of obligation somewhere! Was that like this?

“Nope, it wasn't. We were good friends and we still are! It is just that maybe I misunderstood his kindness as a great bond of friendship. He is still a friend and will be there for me whenever I need. This should be enough for me. However, I am scared with a thought that this might also be my myth.”, muttered Ananya. Her days start with such self arguments to conclude what was the truth?

A few days passed. Ananya again started staying alone. Though, she used to pretend to everyone that everything is fine. However, deep inside she started having a killing feeling of a realization that she was never there in the list of his good friends. It was just a time being and a few conversations. There was never that strong emotional bond. Because none can replace anyone. Everyone has their own place. New members get added in the list, make their place, a few make it above us and a few make it below us. But, everyone has their own place.

A few more days passed, gap between both of them had become bigger. Even if Ananya had made peace with the facts and judgment of destiny, she often wonders, why it happens to her every time? Why she has to get left alone every time? Once she was sitting alone and getting emotionally drained. She called up Moon and just started discussing. Again, destiny played its role and Ananya gets to know that Moon couldn't ever get close to her due to her rudeness and many as such reasons. He was just being nice. He made her understand a little, how and why things went wrong?

Ananya realized that Moon is a hero of destiny who had entered into her life to give her the lesson of life in a positive way. And any big transformation requires an immense pain. Ananya realized that living life is also as important as protecting ourselves from emotional hurt. Just because we are scared of death, we don't stop living. Just because we are scared of getting hurt, we shouldn't hurt others in the process of protecting ourselves else we would lose the people who want to care for us. Accept everything life gifts you; pain, tears, joy, happiness, everything.

freedoNow, Ananya has stopped resisting herself meeting new people. She set herself free. Still, scared to get hurt, but not refraining herself as much as earlier. She also realized if someone is being nice, he is being nice, and not emotionally attached to you. Accept the moment and don't think what you will have in future. Moon added colors in the black and white life of Ananya. Ananya now have a lot of respect for moon and care for him even more than earlier. However, the equations between both of them is changed drastically so she is not showing it. It's not at all as it was before. But, again staying close is not everything, staying available when needed is something important. The best thing is to conserve what is left and make it the best!

Now, Moon is happy in his life with his too many friends and everlasting charm. Ananya is re-exploring the new world and changes in her life, just like a small baby who has learned to walk, just now and scared of getting fall, but still walking. Moon and she are still friends, not as good as earlier, but they are friends that's enough! She still cares for him and happy to see him happy.

Moral of the story:
Accept everything and everyone with open arms. Sometimes, our resistance makes us lose something which we might wanted for so long. Also, whatever happens is happening for good and, a good reason. Like, if Moon hadn't forcefully been into the life of Ananya, she would have kept herself aloof. Yes, she is still aloof, but now she has stopped resisting colors of emotions. If Mallissa hadn't entered, all these wouldn't have ever got realized by Ananya. Always take a positive lessons and spread colors. Cherish what you have. Don't cry for what you lose because if it's yours, it will come back to you. If it doesn't come back,it wasn't yours and something better will come soon!

So is it "The End"? No, the masterstroke of destiny is yet to come!!!

Destiny Play Its Role

A girl entered into the college, it was her first day. Her hair was a little messy, no makeup, no dress-ups, nothing resembling a collegian girl, who is going for the first day of her college. She was an average looking girl looking around and she heard, “Ananya”? She looked back. An office boy was standing there, calling her. He handed over a chit to her, which was asking her to visit the Principal's office.

Ananya was sitting in front of the principal who was praising her skills and merits and was encouraging her to perform her best so she can represent her college on the District or state level. She has heard these often so it was not making any impact on her even if it was too much praise by the principal on the first day of the college. After a long discussion, she headed over to her new journey.
loneyWhen she was passing through the hallway, she was recalling her last few years, which made her feel that people are there just for a purpose and once the purpose is over, they will leave. Nobody will stay together forever. Even worst, the people you love the most would hurt you the most. After getting used so many times, after getting treated as a time pass, she has determined to be alone and strong this time. She has decided to focus on studies, stay busy and aloof, and don't allow anyone to enter into the life this time.

Almost 6 months have passed, being an emotional person, she failed often with her pledge of staying alone to protect herself from getting hurt. However, with each emotional wound, she started getting bitter. She started showing rudeness and bitterness to anyone who tries to get closer to her or be her friend as she had started feeling everyone can't be wrong. There must be something wrong with her. However, she doesn't want to hate herself with this thinking. Also, she doesn't want to get carried away again with the temporary companionship and then dealing with the feelings of left alone. She also doesn't want anyone to show sympathy to her so she wore a happiness mask. She laughs, she shows that she is enjoying. But, when someone shows emotional attachment, she gets scared and show him/her the worst side of her so the strong emotional connection can be avoided.

Almost 1.5 years passed and things seem to be under her complete control. Now, she sees herself as strong, independent person who is still emotional and empathetic inside, but can resist creating emotional attachments. Everything was great, but Destiny had to play its role. The time for inter-college competition came. Even if she refrain so much, her principal forced her to be part of it.

She was sitting in the corner, without any interest in this competition. But, to perform best and never give up is in her blood. So she was ready to give her best. Suddenly, the girls were started giving weird reactions. She didn't notice, but a few were too loud so it grabbed her attention. One of the girl whispered, “Oh, that's moon. He is also in our team. It's gonna be so much of fun”.

Moon? What kind of name is that?”, Ananya asked surprisingly.
Nobody knows his name. He is as charming as the moon and none can get him, same as we can't get the moon, that's why everyone calls him the moon”, replied one of the girls.
Oh! He is the moon charm of girls. Han!”, Ananya smirked.
Oh no! Just as everyone likes that moon, there up in the sky, everyone like this moon of our college. Girls, boys, teachers, peons, everyone. He is a nice friendly, loving, caring.. .
Then! Why I never hear anything about his charm for so long?”, Ananya interrupted and asked.
Well, 2 reasons: 1st because you used to be busy in your world and 2nd he is new here. Earlier, he was in some other college.”, replied one of the girls.

Girls again started chirping. Ananya looked at the moon, who was standing and laughing with other boys, tried to find something charming in him, failed badly and turned her head and attention away.

Time for action for the competition started. Everyone was working harder for the first stage of competition. Everyone frdsexcept Ananya was damn excited. She was there just to finish her role at her best. However, this was something related to art and she is good in logic and reasoning so she was sitting in a corner and letting her teammates give their best. Suddenly, a voice interrupted her lonely time. “Why aren't you joining us there?”
Ananya looked there, it was moon, asking her to join the art competition preparation.

She gave a lame excuse, but moon didn't accept it and asked her to join. When she didn't, after some chatter he went back and started having fun by cracking jokes, dancing and singing. Ananya watched it for a while, “stupid”, muttered and looked away.

The competition kept going, Ananya and Moon started interacting more, but not as much as Ananya never considers it as a friendship. However, Moon every time states,”Ananya is one of a very few friends he has in the college.” Each time she thinks, this must be the line he uses with everyone :) Days went and the competition was finished now. Everything was supposed to be normal now. But, destiny had to play its role.

Even after the competition, Moon kept touch with Ananya, which she never considered much important. In fact, Ananya always shown her bitterest and rudest side to Moon. Still, Moon was nicer and had always been there for her. Gradually, she also started considering him as her friend. She started doing many things for him, with/without his knowledge. Still, she always tried to be rude as she just doesn't want him to get closer to her as the emotional attachments had always hurt her in the past. Still, Moon used to tell her that she is the only friend he used to talk so much! She is a special friend! So on and so forth! She used to trust his words and his friendship, too. However, she always resisted to show her emotional side much to him even if she was considering him as her one and only friend. Even if she never wanted to, due to the strong urge of friendship, she got emotionally dependent on his friendship. In fact, got addicted of his presence.

Things were going well. But, the destiny had to play its role again. A fresher joined the college. She was damn gorgeous. Every boy of the college wanted to be her friend, or to talk with. She is Malissa...!!

To be continued...!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Episode 19: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In the last episode, you saw a senior officer of Kate transferred her from undercover to homicide. A peon gave the message of Abhimanyu to Kate. What happened exactly, read it here:

Abhimanyu, Josh and his lawyer were discussing something. Kate with the senior officer entered into the room. A weird shine was there in the Abhimnyu’s eyes, he was checking out Kate. The girl who just freaked him for months is right there.

This is the time. You can take revenge of everything happened to you because of her”, Josh Whispered in Abhimanyu’s ear. Abhimanyu overheard him as he was trying to figure out something else. He was trying to read Kate’s face. She doesn’t look as she was before. There was weird expression on her face. She looked somewhat stressed may be or sad may be or.. or somewhat angry. It’s difficult to know her mood at the moment, but something is not normal that’s for sure.

Kate came closer and took seat on the other side of the table. Josh whispered something to the lawyer. Abhimanyu was still gazing Kate to gauge the situation. Kate wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were wandering in the room, up, down, here and there. Something is going on in her mind for sure. Is she planning something again? Abhimanyu was confused.

The lawyer and senior officer were talking something. Josh was also giving his inputs and a complete nonverbal play was going on between Kate and Abhimanyu.

We have decided. We are going to sue your officer. You have no idea what trouble my client had because of your officer.

T.. R..O..U..B..L..E?!?” A bang on the table by Kate interrupted the lawyer. “Are you serious? I lost my case for which I bet my life many times. I got transferred into homicide. Though I’m the key player in the department, I have to leave the work I was living for, just because of your this client. This silly man came into my ways so often like a dark misfortune and messed everything around. Huh.. You are going to sue me? Don’t you think I must sue him for spoiling my hard work and career?

To be continued…
The Next episode will be published on next Sunday, so stay tuned….

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Episode 18: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In last week, you saw Kate is a cop and she came to arrest Abhimanyu. He refused to believe her. She cuffed him. To know more, read:

Sir! I got him and now we can telecast a news that it was a misunderstanding and.. and whatever he broadcast regarding murder mystery and all was just his imaginations.” Kate sounds quite irritated.

Kate please, Try to understand. Your identity is revealed now. No matter what statement we take from him, we can’t change this fact.” A senior officer replied.

Why don’t you try to understand sir? You know, you know what risks I have taken for this case? How hard I have worked on this case? I deserve the second chance. Sir pleaseee” The voice of Kate started shaking.

Kate! I know everything

Then sir..

Kate! Let me finish first. I hate this habit of yours to interrupt in between

I’m sorry sir”, Kate looked down with a slight disappointment.

As you know, your face is revealed. You can’t play undercover anymore.

But sir,..

Kate! Let me finish and don’t interrupt me, not even to say sorry. As I said, you can’t play undercover anymore. But, because of your good track record, I am shifting you to homicide. It isn’t demotion. It’s just a matter of transfer. I hope you will work with same enthusiasm. And there won’t be any further discussion on this because this is an order. Is that clear?

Yes Sir.” Kate replied. A wave of disappointment covered her face.

Come in”, Sr. officer replied to answer the knock on the door.

Peon came inside and gave message that Abhimanyu and his lawyer wants to meet Kate.

She’s coming.” Peon went. “See Kate! I understand your position, but remember one thing, we can’t spoil the case and you have to accept that you are mistaken this time. So be calm and reply after thinking twice.”

To be continued…
The Next episode

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Episode 17: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Last week, you saw how Abhimanyu got the picture of Kate and he broadcasted it on news channels to get her. A bang on a door with the arrest warrant of Abhimanyu put him in a dilemma. To know what exactly happened, Read:

Kate?!? You?” Abhimanyu was unable to understand what is going on. Is this the same girl he met first time on the cliffs where she had blood marks on herself. Is this the same girl who was running behind a man, maybe to kill him? Is this the same girl who thrown him in the jail twice? And that girl is standing in front of him in this avatar?

Abhimanyu tried to understand the difference between the girl standing in front of him and the one he was behind for a few months. He checked her out from bottom to top. The black leather pant and jacket, opened clumsy blonde hair, same egotist eyes, same authentication in the voice. She is the “Kate”. The only difference was the badge hanging on her leather jacket which symbolizes the USA police.

But but how can it be possible? You are a murderer? I mean, yes, I haven’t seen you killing anyone, but, but.. Oh lord, I’m gonna mad!.” Abhimanyu literally shouted.

No you won’t” The girl replied.

What?” Abhimnayu cross questioned Kate.

No, you won’t get mad because you already are!!

Excuse me!!

“I won’t." She looked back and ordered, "Cuff him.” A man came with her cuffed Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tried to resist and pushed him back.

Wait a moment! How can I trust you guys? I mean you might be crooks.

The man shows him the arrest latter.

I don’t believe it because this girl, your boss is the biggest culprit. How can I believe your arrest warrant?” Abhimanyu defended.

Kate came closer to him and slowly whispered in his ear, “Mr. Abhimayu! You heard right at the first time you met me. My name is Kate.” She turned him to opposite direction. She added, “I’m a cop and now you are in a very very very big trouble. So big, that you can’t even imagine in your nightmare.” She cuffed him.

To be continued…
The Next episode

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Episode 16: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In last week, you have seen that a senile was scolding Kate for her carelessness. Kate was responding confidently. A man came in between & shown the breaking news with a picture of Kate. To explore more, read it here:

Within 24 hours that girl will be in the police custody, Abhimanyu. I am really thrilled man.” Josh was excited about this victory.

All thanks to you buddy!” Abhimanyu replied with enthusiasm.

Oh Please! I just used a few of my contacts to broadcast the news. It wasn’t a big deal for me, but seriously you did a great job of getting her pic man.

For that as well thanks to you, buddy

To me? Why?” Josh was puzzled.

I just gave up after watching that blank CCTV footage, suddenly the question strike into my head which you asked me each time. Why didn’t I take her pic? And I checked my cell phone because I took a few pics there with a few fans. And Bravo!! I got her pic in the background of one of the pic took with a fan. So thanks for asking me idiotically intelligent question.” Abhimanyu passed the whole credit to his best buddy.

There my friend is! The great author who has mastered the skill of playing with words.

Abhimanyu raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a big question mark.

Well! In a same sentence, you called me intelligent and an idiot at the same time.”

Abhimanyu winked and show his proud on his double victory. “It’s becoming more and more difficult to wait. Every single passing moment is so heavy. I want to take revenge of each and every moment I passed in the jail. I want the revenge of the problems I faced because of that…

A phone rang and Josh answered in a hurry. He got breaking news which forced him to move out.

Abhimanyu sat on his writing chair. The feeling of getting the most awaited moment was giggling him from inside.

A sudden bang on the door got him out of the pondering state. He looked back to figure out what happened. A bang on the table and a harsh order vocalized “Mr. Abhimanyu! You are under arrest!

Kate?!?” Abhimanyu was in dilemma...

To be continued...
The Next episode

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