Monday, 23 December 2013


Be Responsible
This sentence in itself speaking everything, but we are the one who just do not want to understand it or I would say do not want to implement it in our personal and professional life. We used to play a game called – Blame game. If something goes wrong we used to blame others and our biased brain work instantly. We do not get ideas to resolve the thing, but we do get thousands of options to blame on. Like, if we participate in any game and get defeated we start blaming game format or start calling judges biased. If we can not perform unto the mark in our professional life, we start blaming other team members or lack of resources, etc. 

We must forget this blame game and start taking responsibility of everything because everything happens in life is for us and we are the only responsible factor for everything. If something is important for us we will and we should find the ways to work out. And when we feel glad to live the success then we must get ready to accept the faults. Let's talk in detail, for example you are working in a firm and you have to work on project which requires a software, but it might not be possible to get that software in nearer future, then what will you do? Will you leave or delay the project until you get software? In such situation, you should take responsibility and try to find out the alternative ways to get it done. May be you can not get the desired result, but you will surely learn something new + you will get a satisfaction of taking responsibility. Now consider another situation, lets say your junior made a big mistake or your senior didn't passed proper requirement and you couldn't complete the task properly and your boss asking you to answer the discrepancy. Any immature person will start a blame game, but a mature professional will take this responsibility and accept it as own mistake. Yes, I do agree it is not your mistake directly, but indirectly you are the responsible. How? If your subordinate made any mistake means you have some loophole in handling the team and that's why it happened. If your supervisor couldn't conveyed the requirements properly, again you are responsible because you didn't tried out properly to understand the actual requirements or asking questions to make requirements clearer. And even when you blaming someone else people will blame you inside whether they state it or not. Now let me take personal scenario, if somebody break your trust, it is you who is guilty because it was you who trusted someone so much and give capability to hurt you. 

If you will start taking responsibility, you will open many doors of your own improvement and maturity level. How? Take responsibility and experience it on your own :) 

So Be responsible and Take responsibility! 

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