Thursday, 26 December 2013

PoliceHeart Initiative of Ahmedabad Police for Woman Protection

We used to read or watch news of crimes against women like molestation, violence, kidnapping, rape, harassment, etc. We used to wonder and say the city is not so secure for women anymore, but that is not the scenario anymore for woman from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Ahmedabad police has taken an initiative and launched a service called “Heart” or “PoliceHeart” which provides helps to woman and protect them from bad incidents and experiences.

How to Get Registered with Heart?

It is very simple procedure to register yourself for your protection. You can register in two ways.

1. Using online registration form
  • Visit, Give your mobile no, Mobile Operator/Service provider Name [ex. Airtel, Reliance, etc.] and your email id.
  • You will get a confirmation code on your given Cell phone
  • Verify yourself and submit necessary details like your address, contact details and relationship of your relatives and/or friends so they can also help you in time of crisis.

2. Using Phone
  • Type HEART and send an SMS on 9227121091
  • You will receive a call for confirmation details
  • Give your details and verify yourself
Police Heart

How Heart Works?
If you are registered with “Heart” and you get caught in some trouble then you just need to
  • Call 1091. [you can also save this number and assign speed dial number to “1091”]
  • Within few minutes, you will get connected with police control room & police operator who will try to talk with you.
  • If you are unable to reply back, do not worry, just be connected, they will hear the background sound to figure out the situation
  • Police will figure out your location and will send help to you asap.
  • Your call will also fetch an SMS alert to the people you have registered as your friends/family member.
  • The only thing required is DO NOT DISCONNECT THE PHONE

They will not ask you to go to police station for verification and even not bother you by frequent calls. So there is nothing to worry about. It is the simplest process you have ever witnessed. You can register yourself as well as females you want to get protected. If you are male, you can register your female friends and family.

Heart has rescued many woman within 15 minutes or less time. There are multiple success stories of Heart project so take advantage of it because it is for you.

You might feel or think you are safe and you do not need to get registered to it, but accident can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone. Those who have suffered might thought the same. It is better to be secure and take precaution.

I have registered myself with “Heart”, Have you??

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