Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Baby's Day Out

I am not going to talk about the movie "Baby's Day Out". It's something different ;). I usually like to go to only 2 places. First is my office and 2nd is my home :). Last Weekend I went out for outing with my office colleagues. So I am gonna talk about baby's means my day out ;) :D

Well My journey started in the morning at 8:15 AM. I met my colleagues one by one. There is a proverb called "Main to Akela hi chala tha safar-e-Zindgi mein, rahe milati gayi aur carvan banata gaya". It means I started the journey of my life alone, but the paths crossed and I got companions on the way :) After having breakfast, we departed for the waterpark. We lost our way in confusing Gandhinagar. The most confusing thing was different people were showing the different ways. Some were showing wrong way over confidently :D. We were lost between the Google Map and audience poll, but somehow we managed and reached the waterpark.

Pranav - Plunge in the Water at Waterpark
In the hot summer noon, we had hot tea :P and then we literally attacked the waterpark. So much of fun that can't be explained. It can be felt only. We had group sliding from the slider. We had Rain Dance. We climbed the waterfall and tried various water rides as well. The funny thing was because I'm underweight, I used to get stuck in the rides and I had to manually glide :P Twice I even got kicked by my fellow colleagues :D Another funny incidence was when we were gliding in the longest slider, a monkey was running side by side. We were afraid of the surprise monkey jump on us :D All rides were nice, but two I liked the most. The pendulum and "The Kargil Family Ride". If I had to select only one then my vote goes to Kargil ride. It was the fast ride. After 2 secs you just reach in another world. You just can't sense where you are and where are you going. You just come back to earth once you get plunge in the water with full force. People usually get single ducking in the water, but people who are underweight ducked inside twice :D My friends tried to submerge me because I talk so less :P :D At 5 we had to leave the venue and we departed for the next destination which was "AmarDham".

Amardham is a beautiful place on a cliff. The view from the cliff was so panoramic that any nature lover just get lost in it. Simply beautiful. On the way we watched sunset. It was magnificent. Then the Fountain show of the Akshardham, Gandhinagar. It might be the 2nd ranked water laser show in India or Asia. The story, animation everything was beautiful, but as we were in a naughty mood, we did lots of fun over there as well .We passed many funny comments as it was coming naturally. We were constantly giggling. :D

After having dinner we fell apart. My day ended at 10:45 PM. We had lots and lots of fun. The constant thing was constant hammering & drama. Some highlights are "Jor karo", "wow man", "So handsome Yamaraj", "So innocent & intelligent just like me". "Sajanaaaaaa". The meaning of these words could be understandable only by the people who were on the trip or who watched the videos :D

The day was ended. So the journey was, but something remained constant. That was the hilarious memories we collected on that day. It will stay in our hearts forever. I am thankful to all friends who gifted me such a beautiful day of my life ;)

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