Sunday, 27 April 2014

Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

On a fine windy evening sun was setting, dark started spreading. A shadow of a girl appeared from the west. Her blonde open hair was harassing her eyes. She was trying to get rid of it, but obdurate hair was not in the mood to listen her wishes.  Visually it was appearing to be a game between her fingers and hair.  Her eyes were looking for something. Suddenly, she saw a man, clicking photographs. She rushed to him, tapped him and in a lofty way she asked, “Could you please allow me to make a call?” The man turned around.  The moment he saw her, his eyes popped out. It seems his eyeballs might fell down at any vary second.  What he was witnessing was quite shocking for any normal man! He saw a girl, who was wearing a black leather pant & white jersey. On her jersey, there were splashes of human blood.  Her head was swollen, maybe brutally hurt by something. She had many scratches on her body. She was holding a gun in her right hand. She shook him and asked to allow her to make a call, more authentically this time.  The photographer handed over the cell phone with mix expression & feeling of shock and fear.

She dialed a number and waited for a while to get it answered. “Hey Kate here. Yeah! Paley is dead, his body is laying on the hill.”, “My cell is broken & jeep is crumbled in that scramble so I am calling from the cell phone of a local.”, ”Umm Yeah! I have already left & will be there in some time. Could you please arrange the needful for the body?”Yeah! Thanks. Bye.” She returned the phone, headed to her way and in sometime just vanished. The photographer was still standing there like a mannequin. 

After some time he received his senses back, closed his open mouth & started twinkling and wondering,  What just happened?”, “Did I imagine this?”,  Was it real?”, “Was she.., was she talking about a, DEAD BODYYYYYY?” “Who was she?” “A murderer?”, “A mirage?” , “Where did she…, where did she go?”, “What should I do?” “Shall I call 911? Aw, So many questions…  I am feeling like my brain will blast at any moment & will spill all over the ground.”  He found himself in a bizarre…. 

To be continued….

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