Sunday, 14 September 2014

Episode 19: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In the last episode, you saw a senior officer of Kate transferred her from undercover to homicide. A peon gave the message of Abhimanyu to Kate. What happened exactly, read it here:

Abhimanyu, Josh and his lawyer were discussing something. Kate with the senior officer entered into the room. A weird shine was there in the Abhimnyu’s eyes, he was checking out Kate. The girl who just freaked him for months is right there.

This is the time. You can take revenge of everything happened to you because of her”, Josh Whispered in Abhimanyu’s ear. Abhimanyu overheard him as he was trying to figure out something else. He was trying to read Kate’s face. She doesn’t look as she was before. There was weird expression on her face. She looked somewhat stressed may be or sad may be or.. or somewhat angry. It’s difficult to know her mood at the moment, but something is not normal that’s for sure.

Kate came closer and took seat on the other side of the table. Josh whispered something to the lawyer. Abhimanyu was still gazing Kate to gauge the situation. Kate wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were wandering in the room, up, down, here and there. Something is going on in her mind for sure. Is she planning something again? Abhimanyu was confused.

The lawyer and senior officer were talking something. Josh was also giving his inputs and a complete nonverbal play was going on between Kate and Abhimanyu.

We have decided. We are going to sue your officer. You have no idea what trouble my client had because of your officer.

T.. R..O..U..B..L..E?!?” A bang on the table by Kate interrupted the lawyer. “Are you serious? I lost my case for which I bet my life many times. I got transferred into homicide. Though I’m the key player in the department, I have to leave the work I was living for, just because of your this client. This silly man came into my ways so often like a dark misfortune and messed everything around. Huh.. You are going to sue me? Don’t you think I must sue him for spoiling my hard work and career?

To be continued…
The Next episode will be published on next Sunday, so stay tuned….

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