Sunday, 7 September 2014

Episode 18: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In last week, you saw Kate is a cop and she came to arrest Abhimanyu. He refused to believe her. She cuffed him. To know more, read:

Sir! I got him and now we can telecast a news that it was a misunderstanding and.. and whatever he broadcast regarding murder mystery and all was just his imaginations.” Kate sounds quite irritated.

Kate please, Try to understand. Your identity is revealed now. No matter what statement we take from him, we can’t change this fact.” A senior officer replied.

Why don’t you try to understand sir? You know, you know what risks I have taken for this case? How hard I have worked on this case? I deserve the second chance. Sir pleaseee” The voice of Kate started shaking.

Kate! I know everything

Then sir..

Kate! Let me finish first. I hate this habit of yours to interrupt in between

I’m sorry sir”, Kate looked down with a slight disappointment.

As you know, your face is revealed. You can’t play undercover anymore.

But sir,..

Kate! Let me finish and don’t interrupt me, not even to say sorry. As I said, you can’t play undercover anymore. But, because of your good track record, I am shifting you to homicide. It isn’t demotion. It’s just a matter of transfer. I hope you will work with same enthusiasm. And there won’t be any further discussion on this because this is an order. Is that clear?

Yes Sir.” Kate replied. A wave of disappointment covered her face.

Come in”, Sr. officer replied to answer the knock on the door.

Peon came inside and gave message that Abhimanyu and his lawyer wants to meet Kate.

She’s coming.” Peon went. “See Kate! I understand your position, but remember one thing, we can’t spoil the case and you have to accept that you are mistaken this time. So be calm and reply after thinking twice.”

To be continued…
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