Sunday, 24 August 2014

Episode 17: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Last week, you saw how Abhimanyu got the picture of Kate and he broadcasted it on news channels to get her. A bang on a door with the arrest warrant of Abhimanyu put him in a dilemma. To know what exactly happened, Read:

Kate?!? You?” Abhimanyu was unable to understand what is going on. Is this the same girl he met first time on the cliffs where she had blood marks on herself. Is this the same girl who was running behind a man, maybe to kill him? Is this the same girl who thrown him in the jail twice? And that girl is standing in front of him in this avatar?

Abhimanyu tried to understand the difference between the girl standing in front of him and the one he was behind for a few months. He checked her out from bottom to top. The black leather pant and jacket, opened clumsy blonde hair, same egotist eyes, same authentication in the voice. She is the “Kate”. The only difference was the badge hanging on her leather jacket which symbolizes the USA police.

But but how can it be possible? You are a murderer? I mean, yes, I haven’t seen you killing anyone, but, but.. Oh lord, I’m gonna mad!.” Abhimanyu literally shouted.

No you won’t” The girl replied.

What?” Abhimnayu cross questioned Kate.

No, you won’t get mad because you already are!!

Excuse me!!

“I won’t." She looked back and ordered, "Cuff him.” A man came with her cuffed Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tried to resist and pushed him back.

Wait a moment! How can I trust you guys? I mean you might be crooks.

The man shows him the arrest latter.

I don’t believe it because this girl, your boss is the biggest culprit. How can I believe your arrest warrant?” Abhimanyu defended.

Kate came closer to him and slowly whispered in his ear, “Mr. Abhimayu! You heard right at the first time you met me. My name is Kate.” She turned him to opposite direction. She added, “I’m a cop and now you are in a very very very big trouble. So big, that you can’t even imagine in your nightmare.” She cuffed him.

To be continued…
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