Sunday, 11 May 2014

Episode 3: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Abhimanyu was on a weekend after achieving his dream and suddenly he experienced something unreal, a beauty with blood. In such a socking situation he called up someone with an unusual reaction. If you missed it, then explore that episode here:

The dark had spread out completely.  When the next hook of the phone got connected, Abhimanyu implied, “Hey Josh! I have something really big for you.” Abhimanyu explained what he seen in brief and implied, “Yes, I have called up 911 & they must be here in a few minutes. I think you can cover all these & it will get something big for you. You just come here with your team.”, “Yeah buddy! I’m waiting here.” Phone hooked off from both sides.

After waiting for a few minutes a police van came. Abhimanyu waved his hands to approach them. He How that girl's looks was?”, “Devastating”, Abhimanyu replied. The cop raised his eyebrows, gave him an ugly look & implied, “That you already mentioned 107 times in your statement. I AM ASKING HER FEATURES.” Abhimanyu quickly understood the frustration of a cop who seems to get bothered in-between of his weekend date.
explained everything to a cop. Cop asked him, “

Umm, She was about 5 twooo. Amm two n half inches tall. Hour glass figure. Amm, She was wearing Leather black Wellington’s boots. A tight black leather pant which was sticked to her legs like a peel to a raw mango. A light gray waist belt with a metal buckle which was shining like tiny stars in the dark sky. A white and off white stripped jersey was making her stunning ammm stunning amm what can we say!” Cop with intense interest in his eyes said, “I understood, go ahead”. Abhimayu implied, “Ah Thanks! There were a few blood splashes on the jersy at unequal distance. Her clothes were filthy. Umm!” Abhimayu took a deep breath with gesture of intense thinking & added “Her face was grubby. A few speckles of blood were on her face as well. It seems like the flecks on moon which makes it more beautiful.  A broad dusty forehead, but still shining likes a bright sun. A very left corner of her head was swollen; maybe she got hurt by something really hard. A sharp nose and filthy, but still charming cheeks like strawberry. Pink soft and bit dry lips like a … like a ….. amm like a lychee. There was a mall at ammm at 40 degree angle from her lower lips to the left side on her chin which was adding more grace to her beauty. A bit gray eyes, I must say killer eyes. And..” Somebody interrupted Abhimanyu by tapping him from back.

Abhimanyu looked back and………

To Be Continued….
The Next episode

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