Sunday, 18 May 2014

Episode 4: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Last week, you had seen that Abhimayu called police and was narrating a cop how the killer girl looks like and someone tapped him from back. If you missed that episode, Read it from here:

Abhimanyu looked back and said “Hey Josh! Finally you’re here bro. Meet Mr. Menon. He is the cop investigating that mystery killer girl story & Mr. Menon, he is Joseph, journalist in print & electronic media. Mr. Menon” . Mr. Menon seems to be in another world. Abhimanyu shook him, “Mr. Menon. Meet Joseph” “Oh I’m, I’m sorry. Uhh I was thinking about the girl.” Menon replied. “Yeah you must be. In a way, Abhimanyu described her, any man might get slipped into her thoughts. Anyways, I am Joseph”. The cop interrupted him and said, “Of course I know you. You are a star reporter and journalist. Who doesn’t know you?” Josh Replied, “Thanks. Really humble you are! So what’s the status, detective?” Cop replied, “I’m sorry. It might be a case of homicide so I won’t be able to give you the details. It must be confidential.” Josh shown him a letter and said, “I understand officer, but I have permit to cover this story. So would you please tell me the status?” Cop replied, “Well of course. I have just taken the statement of Abhimanyu & our search team is searching for the dead body or any other evidences on the hills as described by him. We also checked his phone as she talked with someone, but she was smart enough to delete that number. One of our officers is trying to chase it from the telephone company. Well we might get something soon.”

Abhimanyu and Josh gone into a side and started a conversation. “Don’t forget your promise josh. You will give me all the material of this case. I think this will be the big coverage for you and a very interesting plot for my next mystery novel. A new plot and another best seller book”. Abhimanyu winked. Josh gave a weird look & asked him, “I will keep my words, but I think you are more interested in that girl instead of the story. The way you described her was.. “ Abhimayu deterred him and said, “I am a WRITER so it’s in my DNA. Don’t take it otherwise buddy. But one thing I would confess that she had something. Something which wasn’t ordinary.” A sudden noise baffled their conversation.

They went to the Officer and they heard a conversation which was quite shocking. “I have checked with the telephone exchange, there wasn’t any call made from his phone to anywhere in that time. We quest the whole hill &inquired the locals, but there is nothing. Not even a small tiny drop of blood. It’s all clean here.” Officer turned back to Josh & Abhimanyu and said, “Mr. Abhimanyu! You are under arrest in allegation of misleading & wasting time of police.”

To Be Continued….
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