Sunday, 4 May 2014

Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl - Episode 2

Recap: A photographer had seen a girl with a gun & scratches with human blood splashes on herself. She talked with someone about a dead-body and just vanished by putting him in Anxiety. To know what really happened, Read:

A guy with gray eyes, black silky hair, brown skinned, athletic physic, ornamented by lavish attire & few man accessories was standing in front of the mirror. He was holding a prestigious trophy in his hands. He had just come back from an award function.  Since past few days, he had attended many small and big award functions, parties, dinners, etc. He had received plenty of calls and letters from fans & well-wishers. Few letters were written literally with blood. Those belong to crazy female fans who were just mesmerized by him. All this was not for the first time. He had enjoyed such attention in the past as well. But today, something happened which was never happened before. That’s really special.

Abhimanyu was proudly gazing himself & the trophy in the mirror & ruminating what happened in the evening. The president of the nation himself awarded him the trophy and praised him for his great work in the dinner which was unbelievable for him. He was giggling inside and recalling all those sleepless nights and restless days which he spent to complete his project.  He exclaimed, “Today, I have procured what I worked for.” A phone ring pulled him out of his boasting moment.

“No! I won’t be able to come tomorrow. I need a break... So tomorrow I am going to the hill resort for a peaceful weekend.”, “Yeah! That’s the one. 100 km far from the city, but don’t you dare come there to spoil my weekend.”, “No ways! No girls this time. Only I with my loneliness. “, “I’ll be back on Monday.”, “Catch you later, Soho..”. After saying bye in his unique way “Soho”, Abhimanyu went to bed.

Next day, in the evening he was in amid of the beautiful hills. The way relaxed evening after so much hustle & bustles of the work and success. He was extolling the art of the nature. Today, he was in mood of photography which was quite different then his actual profession. Suddenly, he got tapped by someone so he looked back. He was jellified by looking at the combination of beauty & blood who was talking about a dead-body on the phone.  Everything happened within a few seconds and she just vanished. He was facing something unreal. But, so real. After getting his senses back he made a second call & said, “Hey Josh! I have something really big for you…” A shine in his eyes & a wicked smile on his face……
To Be Continued..

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