Sunday, 13 July 2014

Episode 12: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap:Last week you just saw that Abhimanyu was flirting with a perfume attendee who was taken away by her husband. In the same shop he met Emma and started having a conversation with her. On her question of what he wants, he gave a weird answer. If you missed that episode, Read it from here:

I want you!” Abhimanyu twinkled his eyes after long and said, “Just you!” smiled, “Kate!
A winning smile was ruling him.

Who.. Kate?" Emma seems to be surprised.

I know you. Kate! I know YOU ARE THE KATE. You can change your attire. You can’t change your eyes. You can’t change your voice which has that command in it. You might forget me, but I can’t” Emma smiled, looked down.

I got you Kate! And this time I’m not gonna let you go” Abhimanyu had goose bumps of kinda victory.
Emma was still smiling. She headed her chin up and said, “Really?

Before Abhimanyu could figure out anything, she hit him hard in the middle of his nose. The punch was so sudden and strong Abhimanyu just fell down on the floor. His nose got numb for a moment and he just saw stars in daylight. Emma came closer to him, bends down and whispered, “I also didn’t forget you. In fact, I desired to meet you to give you the gift which you deserved. A big punch! You know what?! Just stop coming in my way or you don’t know how big trouble you can get into! So stay away.” Kate walked away. Abhimanyu was trying to stabilize. When he got hit by Kate and stumbled, he struck his head on something which took little longer to stabilize.

He called the manager once he got stable. The manager saw Abhimanyu nose was bleeding. He got him ice and first aid. The manager was scared of getting into any kind of police case. He was pleading to not make any case on him.

I can rescue you from police case with a condition.” Abhimanyu said.
What?” Manager asked .

To Be Continued…
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