Sunday, 20 July 2014

Episode 13: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In the last episode, you saw that once again Abhimanyu met Kate, but Kate escaped. How? Read it from here:

"I got her! This time she won't succeed to get away from me. You come to my home within an hour. I will be there." Abhimanyu hung up the phone.

Thinking Abhimanyu
Abhimanyu was trying to connect the dots and doorbell brought him out of the subconscious state. He opened the door, Josh was standing out and kept on gazing him. Abhimanyu pulled him in and started blabbering that how he caught Kate. Josh was just staring at him and trying to figure out something. Abhimanyu asked impatiently, "Are you listening?"
"Amm. I means yes! Ammm But what happened to your nose?"

Abhimanyu explained how Kate hit him and escaped. Josh was listening, as the story proceeded, his eyes started getting twinkling more. And he started laughing in a way someone switch on the car engine.

Abhimanyu got angry and said, "Have you gone nuts? laughing in such situation?" Josh controlled his laughter and started listening. "I got CCTV footage of the store from the manager on a condition that I won't file any case against him or his shop."

"Wow! that's great. That means we can give it to the police and .."
"No we can't" Abhimanyu interrupted Josh. Josh was quite confused that till the vary moment this man wanted to get her behind the prison and now.

Abhimanyu understood his confusion and tried to resolve it with the reason, "We can't because she is not in the CCTV footage. Manager said he wasn't aware that CCTV cams are not working for months."

"It's a crime. We can .."

"Relax" Abhimanyu again interrupted the fermentation of Josh. Abhimanyu wore an intense serious emotions on his face and said, "It's not that manager. It's her who destroyed the footage. It's her modes operandi to not leave footprints behind."

Josh was still confused as in such provoking situation, Abhimanyu was calm and smiling....

Abhimanyu smiled and asked, "Josh! are you forgetting to ask me something?"
"No I don't think so"
"Yes, you  are forgetting something...." Abhimayu has weird shine in his eyes.
"What?" Josh replied in collage of confusion and emotions.
"Why didn't I take her pic?" The air was filled up with laughter of Abhimanyu

To be continued
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