Sunday, 6 July 2014

Episode 11: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Last week you had seen that once again Kate escaped from the frame and Abhimanyu left clueless. Once he was shopping in a mall and heard a feminine voice which he claimed to have heard before in a perfume shop. If you missed that episode read it here:

This must be the line you are using with every next girl!” Attender on perfume counter exclaimed and turned back.

Well I think you have your angel for whom you are getting these fragrance gift. Right?”

Oh yeah! But a prince can have more than one angels at a time if he can take care of all. And believe me I am an expert in that.

I’m sorry Sir! I’m married.” She tried to bring his attention on her wedding ring.

Doesn’t matter to me.” A nasty smile covered Abhimanyu’s face

But it does to me!” a male voice vocalized. Abhimanyu looked at him with questioned eyes. “I’m her husband and manager of this store. I afraid she won’t be able to attend you. Emma will attend you.” He shouted, “Emma take care of this gentleman.” Manager walked away with her wife.

Abhimanyu smiled, “So what do you have to offer me?” turned back to the counter and started watching perfumes in the cupboard.

Whatever you want! Daisy? Rose.. umm

Wait! I have heard this voice before..

Don’t you get tired of using the same line for all the girls? Girls are wiser than you think.

Abhimanyu looked at her. Emma was speaking something. May be she was giving some speech on woman respect. Abhimanyu was not hearing anything just gazing her.

Will you tell me what do you want?” Emma commanded.

You!” Abhimanyu replied....

To Be Continued…
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