Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ahmedabad City Police is OnLine Duty

You might have read these banners in Ahmedabad. I always believe that someone is doing well always appreciate & encourage the one with few words of admiration. This post is to admire the efforts of Ahmedabad City Police. You might have read my previous post of Women Helpline. If not, you must read for information acquisition and spreading of commendable job, called, PoliceHeart here:

Ahmedabad Police seems to be conscious & zealous about their duty. The most meritorious thing is they are not helping people, but also trying to spread awareness with advanced technology like social media. They share updates of various information including Helplines, traffic rules, success stories and something which I liked the most was share of traffic rule breaking penalty list. Check the picture below:

Fine for Violation of Traffic Rules

I wish, you all will obey the traffic rules as a good citizen, but in case if you break any of rules, you can pay the fine listed above. Take self responsibility; obey the traffic rule, if you had not please pay the fine as listed above. Do not support corruption please. :)

Apart from these, there is one more helpline number 1098 which is a child helpline number. You may call on 1098 Ahmedabad police helpline when you want to rescue any child around you. For women, Police has launched two new services which I would love to bring to your attention. 1096 number to get help at time of domestic violence. One more initiative of Ahmedabad Police is called 100 reasons to call 100. We all know police helpline number 100, but you might not have information on how it can help specifically a woman. If at night time, a woman is not getting a cab or auto and/or feeling frightened than she can call the number 100 for help. The Ahmedabad police van will pick a woman and drop her to her home or safe place. One more thing to keep in mind is that van will have a lady police. So if she is not there, demand for a lady police. ;) At night, any lady can ask for a lady cop if she needs to go with the police. Prevention is better than cure.

Ahmedabad police also allows people to spend the day with them and share their experiences. I also wish to experience such day, probably :D I hope, you never stuck in any situation where you need to call any helpline number, but you must be aware of such things. You can get regular updates by liking their online pages.

If any Ahmedabad police cop is reading this post, I would like to give one suggestion that please, arrange self defense learning classes on weekend for women in Ahmedabad because prevention is always better than cure.

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