Monday, 10 February 2014

An Enthralling Dream

Relic Palace in forest
Yesterday night, I saw an amazing and enthralling dream. I saw that with a group of people I reached an aloof place. It was a giant relic of a king’s palace. It was surrounded by the dense woodland. The palace was so tall that the height of the terrace was two floors higher than the tallest trees of the thicket. I can still visualize that panorama. It was splendid. I wish I am a painter and I could canvas it.

According to a rumor that forest was haunted. The troupe of mine visited that place just to find out the concealed truth of that haunted palace and forest. After a day or two [it just passed like daily soaps write at below after two days], we got an information that our chopper cannot come to pick us to take us back to our home. All were anxious. Few were frightened. I talked with the wife of my friend that let’s call number 100 and get the help from the Police. She confronted her husband who was trying to get some way out with my suggestion. He asked her to let him try in his own way and also implied its better to not take the help of police in this matter. According to my inurement, I started thinking why to not take help of Police? I came to the conclusion, may be because we are at such [so called haunted place] and it might raise some issues on taking prior permit to visit this place or something which we didn’t had. That could be the result he was refusing to take help of police. With this thinking I slept in the dream :D

In the next day morning, we were standing on the rooftop and what we saw can you imagine? We saw the choppers in the sky of Ahmedabad police which came to rescue us. In the middle of everyone’s amazement, I was smiling and thinking inside that I was the one who called the One-Zero-Zero to take and asked for the help. I know my friend refused to call the cops, but everyone’s safety had been my first priority as always ;) And I was feeling proud as I rescued everyone and also proud on Ahmedabad police as they came in such short notice on a single call. Then I heard my parent was asking me to wake up or I will be late for the office :D I woke up with an exclamation like “Wow what a thrilling dream it was!”

The dream was outcome of writing a blog on Ahmedabad city police and then watching a Fear files episode of a haunted place in Rajasthan before I went to sleep. It was really fun, but can be scary for soft hearten people.
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