Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Thrilling Travel Destination

Most Adventorous Travel Destination
Now-a-days, I have started diving in the deep ocean of English. I keep my radar on to grasp new words in English and expand my vocabulary with it. Learning anything is fun and learning English is much more fun because it is quite confusing at sometimes because same word have different meanings and there are numerous words. I think no-one can master the English language thoroughly because there are endless words. I know I am imperfect, but as per my inurement, I have begun my efforts to be closer to perfect which is going to lead me to be good, at least. My dear friend is helping me out by giving me homework in which she gives me a few words and ask me to write a blog on that. Yeah ! She knows that I am lethargic, but good disciple so I will always complete my homework.

Today's topic is to write about my dream destination using few words. Dream Destination, umm, I haven't dreamed to traverse to some specific destination. You know, I dream about my work, studies, career and all that, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy traveling. I would love to go on a voyage. According to the words she has given, The trip should be thrilled enough to have goosebumps. I have already been on such excursion. I have experienced the thrill by ducking myself in the sea during water-sports in Goa. I have seen the panoramic view of forest of flames by watching the back-wood from the cliff & walking alone in the woodland at night at Polo Forest. So I have already been at thrilling travel destinations. I have experienced the nuance of nature. I am sort of person who likes everything so I will enjoy everything and every place because each nuance of nature is vibrant, magnificent, spellbound and so on. Adjectives will be finished , but the adoration of nature will not.

Still If I amalgamate all the words given by my friend then the first spot come into my mind is Hell :D. Yeah the Inferno. As per lore, I have heard that person get fried in evaporated oil and many similar stuff happens there. So if it is matter of thrill, I don't think anything can be more thrilling than that :) Well, I am person who like peace so for sure if it is about long stay, I prefer heaven only, but just for expedition why not do something unique? Let's go to inferno, experience something uncommon, get thrilled and come back home to write new blog on my experience at Inferno. ;) So would you like to be my pal for the expedition to Hell??

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