Saturday, 8 March 2014

Women's Day - The Two Oaths Man Must Take

On this women's day - For a Man who supports the Woman
First of all, Happy Women’s Day. There must be numerous write-ups about women’s rights & liberation. I would like to talk about something which people usually overlook. About those MEN who understand the worth of women. Let’s talk with those positive men on this women’s day J

I know that you know the worth of the women, but do you say so? You admire her, but do you express it in words? Did you wish “Women’s Day’ to women in your life before you left for the office where you wished many other women the same? Um, I think in 90% cases the answer is “No”. I know this is a nuance of a man.  I know you are not as expressive as a woman. You want her to understand the unspoken words of love & care and she does. She does understand you love her, care for her. But don’t you think expression of love & care is an essence of the happy life? Don’t interpret it like she is thirsty for the praise or flattering. Neah, she doesn’t. But don’t you think she deserves to know how much you love &care for her. When the food is a bit more salty or spicy, you won’t forget to comment on it. Then why not to praise her for delicious food she serves daily. Even the best thing could be eat that mistakenly cooked salty food silently by keeping her efforts in mind J

One more thing is I have seen sometimes that a man don’t raise his voice to protect a woman. There are many ugly crimes are happening around us against the woman like domestic violence, rape, eve-teasing & so on. A man has the strength to oppress or protect a woman. If a man is oppressing a woman, you must raise your voice to protect her. I know you care for her, you feel bad then why not to attempt to rescue her? If you are scared to get into some trouble, at least inform the cops if something like that is happening or you think can happen, at least anonymously.

On this woman’s day I want to urge all of you to protect her. Raise voice for her. For me every day is my day. Every day is a women’s day, but today, indirectly, it is a man’s day. Take a silent oath that you will help a lady in need as much as you can. You will use your words to admire her instead of criticize her. Today is the day to express her that she is important. J Just tell her “You made my life” or “You are the one who made my life so beautiful” and feel that glow on her face J

Hey man, I know you care then why don’t you share? 

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