Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Is Today's Advanced Successful Generation Forgetting Something Important?

Today's generation is smart, intelligent, advanced, technically sound and so on. Adjectives will be finished, but praise for today's advanced generation can't. They are in the running race of success, ambitions, love, lust, fun, enjoyment and what not! They just don't have time for anything. I mean life is so damn busy. Studies, office, work, exams, party, outing, hanging out with friends, pampering boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. They don't have time for their own-selves. So many apps & games are there & we have to be used to with each app. We have to score more than anyone else in the group. We have to be on each & every social media sites. Right?

Most of us are dreaming for someone special who come & take care of us. The own who make us feel special by scolding us when we don't take proper care of ourselves. The one who calls us to know where we are? The one who pamper us, love us and take extra care of us. We are ready to get dominated by them because it's their love. His stupid talks & silly question are so special. We love to teach new things to that one. Don't we dream of it or want to have someone who do all these for us?

Friendship. We have to go at friend's help, no matter it's the middle of the night. We have to hang out with friends and have to attend all functions & event of his/her otherwise they might get upset with us. We have to say sorry thousands of time to coax those buddies. right?

What about those people who are not as technically sound as we are? What about those people who always stand by us even if we never asked for the help? What about those people who love us unconditionally? Do you know about whom I am talking? I am talking about our PARENTS. They always take care of us. Always tried to lead us on the right path, but with advancement of life, most of us has started ignoring them. Even some of us started insulting them by saying "you can't understand. You can't learn it." and may be many such hurting words & sentences. You know better yourself and/or others around you.

However advance you are or whatever you are is just because of your parents. They never thought about themselves. They were also tired when you were kid & asked to play with you. They spend sleepless nights and restless days just for your goodwill. They have sacrificed and compromised their happiness, will, money, dreams and what not. They never expected any reward or praise from you.

Don't you think they deserve your TIME. Yes, we are growing up, but do not forget that they are also growing old. They deserve our time, care, love, affection. It's your turn now. It's time to do those small & special things to do for them which they did for you when you were a kid. Make them feel special because indeed they are so special. Spend time with them. Go for outing with them. Give them surprises. Answer their questions. Teach them the technology.

Believe me, the happiness which you will achieve after spreading a smile on your parents face because of you is priceless. It will make you feel awesome. I mean, I don't have the exact words to express that feeling which you will earn by making your parents happier. Try yourself and experience it on your-own. Believe me it won't take much effort because winning hearts of parents needs little effort, little time and our affection. Be a good child. That will be your actual success when you achieve a smile on your parent's face and pride because of you in their eyes. ;)

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