Sunday, 29 June 2014

Episode 10: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: The news of Abhimanyu’s 2nd prison visit was hitting the news channels which were somewhere questioning the mental stability of Abhimanyu. An endless conversation placed between Abhimanyu & Josh. If you missed, Read it here:

A wave of Josh’s laughter filled the silence of the room. Abhimanyu was pissed off and went closer to him. Josh was under impression that he was going to get hit, on his nose. Abhimanyu held his collar and asked, “Tell me what the cops got from the site?

fuh. You scared me man.” Josh got himself released and said, “Blood marks were there as you mentioned. There was an eye witness as well who filed complaint against you.”

If blood marks were there, it clears that girl was there, too!
You can’t be so sure buddy!
But you said there were blood marks
“Yes there was! And on your car as well and that’s the reason you got arrested. A witness had seen you hitting the man.”
“Then he must have seen Kate, too”
I afraid he didn’t. That’s what he said in his statement.”
“What about the injured guy.”
“Well he couldn’t be located and that’s why you got bailed as police assumes that he must be fine. As there was no accident case admitted in any hospital. But one thing is sure.”
You must have taken a pic of that girl.” Josh started laughing again and Abhimanyu lost himself in the silence.

It’s been 3 months or more of that incident. Abhimanyu had got a clean chit from the court. Today, he was in a supermarket to get some stuff. He headed to the ladies perfume shop.

Can you please show me some lavish stuff?” A girl was arranging the stuff. She might overhear it.
Lady! Can you please show me some lavish fragrances?
Yes of course sir!

I think I have heard your voice before!
This must be the line you are using with every next girl!” and she turned back.

To Be Continued…
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