Friday, 1 August 2014

An Ideal WorkPlace: Dream or Reality?

An Ideal Work Place
Recently I have attended a seminar in which one of the topics was “An Ideal Workplace”. I would like to share some sneak peek from the professionals who were both employees and employers. I hope this will help employers to create an Ideal workplace and an employee to find the one. Let's start with an irony.

“A company gifted a cycle to an employee without a carrier. An employee demanded to have the carrier as it would be difficult to use the cycle without it. The management took the cycle back and after a day they gave it back with carrier, but without a stand. The employee started asking to get stand as well because he needs both in his cycle. The management replied, “Dear employee! You are doing a private job so you can either get a carrier or a stand!”

The moral of the anecdote is in majority of private jobs, an employee can either get a good and stable career or could take a stand. So the first characteristic of an idea workplace should be that it provides an employee all the opportunities to develop a bright career. At the same time, a freedom should be granted to him to take a stand.  

Another characteristic of an ideal work place is the stability and security. An employee must feel secure to have a stable job. If he will always feel an insecurity of getting fired or demoted, he wouldn’t be able to perform well. An employee should be treated like a child of the company. If your child is weak and couldn’t perform well, will you abandon him? No, you will try to help him to grow. This should be the case in the company as well. Help your employees to overcome their weaknesses by providing proper guidance, instead of being impatient and firing the people out. 

Last but the most important point is to develop relation of Trust, respect & Understanding. An organization should trust the employee's skills; Fidelity to work more productively in any circumstances and  respect opinion and individuality of each small to major designated employee. An employee has to show the performance to get increment & incentives & promotions. Thus, each employee will always try to give more than 100% as everybody is looking for the growth. At the same time, an employee should understand that if management is trying to point something it is for his betterment. The suggestion for the management to make company an ideal work place is try to resolve issues, weaknesses and provide feedback and suggestion in a way that employee doesn’t feel embraced, insulted or na├»ve. Try to resolve it by asking the gentle questions and share your view points as suggestions, in spite of being judgmental, martinet or impatient.

An ideal workplace is a DREAM of each employee which can be converted into the REALITY by the organizations for long term and long lasting benefits.

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