Sunday, 3 August 2014

Episode 14: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In the last episode, you saw that Abhimanyu discussed his meeting with Kate and her escape story in a way which put Josh into a puzzle. How? Explore it in past episode here:

Josh was completely clueless that why Abhimanyu is behaving in such a weird way. Kate or whatever the name of that girl, who blemished his fame, put him in trouble and he is laughing at her glib escape story. Josh went closer to Abhimanyu and held him to control his meaningless and weird laughter. Abhimanyu was still laughing queerly.

Abhi! Dear friend, let’s go to Dr. Rai’s clinic. He is my friend and he can help you.”

Abhimanyu replied with much trouble to stop his laughter, “Do you think I have lost or what?” He laughed even louder and fall on the couch.

Josh was just gazing his weird gesture and trying to figure out what happened to him? Is he actually lost?
and don’t you dare call me Abhi. My name is Abhimanyu.” Abhimanyu replied with laughter. After a while he controlled his cachinnation and called Josh to come near and sit beside him. Josh went closer with a little fear as in he is going closer to any psycho.

Abhimanyu became bit serious, but still there was a weird shine in his eyes. He implied, “I can understand what you are thinking of, but dude I’m completely normal. Now, listen to the important thing. We need to go to your office and listen, we have to use all your media contacts. There should be breaking news hitting all small and big channels.”

Josh was still not getting anything, “But CCTV footage was empty and with alibi of evidence, we even can’t go to cops dear.”

We are not going to cops. We are going to media.” Abhimanyu winked.

Nobody will touch your story. In fact, they will again make story against you. And..” Josh was just interrupted and his eyes popped out when he saw………..

To Be Continued
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