Sunday, 10 August 2014

Episode 15: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In the last episode, you had seen that Abhimanyu was behaving in a weird way which was pinching Josh. Abhimanyu saw something important to Josh which made Josh speechless. If you missed that, read it here:

A lobby was filled with some fuzzy noise. A baritone voice pitch was going high. Meanwhile, the footsteps from a distance seem to come closer and became clearer. The voice of footstep stopped in front of the door from which a loud voice is coming out. Now, the fuzzy voice was clear. A man seems to be scolding someone very badly.

I just can’t understand. An astute like you can make such a silly mistake. Or shall I call myself silly as I’m still calling you “the astute”. And .. and the same mistake? again and again…?? Do you have any ideaaaaa??? How badly this can affect our mission??” The voice of a senile became more annoyed.

He deserves to get that Sir. And don’t worry, just trust me. It’s just not a big deal.” A flat response made the man angrier.

What? I have never ever expected this kind of behavior from you. Do you have any idea what you have done? And what are you doing for a past few such incidences?

Sir. I told you no! I always clear everything so neatly that none can reach me. So does this time. Just relax…..”

This sentence just turned the head off of the person standing outside of room and listening all these. He just pushed the door and rushed into the room. “This overconfidence gonna hurt not only you, but all of us lady. And you know what? I don’t care if we all get killed because of our mission, but I’m just not gonna take anything goes wrong with the mission.” The man was shouting like crazy.

You are over reacting Philip.”

Oh yes! Then watch this.” Philip, the man who entered the room and shouting switched on the TV. He switches different news channels back and forth. The news left people in the room shocked. Each TV channel was showing the breaking news with a picture of a Kate. The news channels were broadcasting that the “mysterious girl who created all the chaos and proved “Abhimanyu – the author”, almost made can’t escape now. Here is the picture of the girl. Anyone who gets any news of the girl can contact on the number given below and can get a cash reward.

The confidence turned into a shock and a puzzle, “How can it be possible?

As I said, your overconfidence which you were showing to boss before 2 mins. Now, what happened?

You have put our mission on a stake.” The senile man sounded worried. “I afraid I have to think about your position in the mission. Kate..”

Kate stood clueless and …….

To Be Continued
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