Friday, 3 January 2014

What Would You Like To Change from Your Past?

Have you ever come across the questions in your life which made you think for a while? I think there must be many such questions. Today, I would like to discuss about one of such question I faced before some time.

In an interview, the interviewers asked me. “What would you like to change from your past?” That question actually made me think for a while. It was like, within fraction of second, the whole life passed like a film strip and I replied “Nothing, I do not want to change anything because whatever I am today is because of what I have passed through erstwhile.” I meant that, good moments giggled me and those incidences where I found myself cheated, scratched, weaken, given me the most precious thing of my life called, “Experience”. When I look back, there are many incidences where I say to myself, “What an idiot I was!”, but at the same time I promise to myself, “I will never repeat that mistakes again”. I will try hard to make my tomorrow better than yesterday and today. So I do love myself in a way I am and my past made me like this so I wouldn't like to change anything :)

I think everyone should have such thinking of not to change anything from the past because if you will start thinking about those things which did not happen or didn't go in your favor then you will keep on regretting for your past which is already gone out of your hand. Don't you think it's better to think about today which in your hand so you can make your tomorrow better than before. :)

I have read a saying, "Never Regret, Just learn and move on". So true! isn't it? Learn from your past mistakes and move on to build a better tomorrow. 

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