Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wonderful Celebration of Our Annual Event [Guest Post]

Hardev Joshi - Designer
I feel happy to say I am working in Ecosmob Technology pvt ltd. I joined here at 1st Apr 2013. That Aprilfool day was very lucky for me. We had celebrated our annual function in July & August. It was great Experience in my life. Our HR ­team had Arranged different types of games and lots of new things. Our 1st event was a quiz contest in which I gained lots of GK. Our next step for enjoyment was drama and our team was Mavericks. I can never forget that moment when our judges had given me standing ovation. That was the golden time for me, but that success was achieved by the hard work of the whole team, not only me. After that the event was theme Decoration with "convert wasn't into the best" and our theme was history of mankind. It was superb experience in that event, as a designer i  learned about Creativity. I listened to our all team members opinion. We were the winners for this event also.15Aug 8.00am we were going to "suramya seven" club­house and that our final event took place. We started with playing cricket and we played many other games. Our company had also managed  breakfast, lunch & snacks. Another surprize for me was that I won the reward of suggestion of the year. My happiness is not possible to explain in word here. I just explained my few feeling. Each event give us a big platform to prove ourselves. It was the unforgettable period of my all life. I learned lots of things from these events and it is useful in my professional and personal life, too.

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