Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Change the system, Don't let system change you

Change will start from you
We experience corruption and ill systems around us directly or indirectly and we keep on moving with an apathetic approach by ignoring it.

We argue, why should I? But why aren't we asking like why not me? why not to obey all the rules? why not to stop corruption from my end? why not to raise the voice if somebody is dishonest? why not to take the side of truth and honesty?

Let me answer this as well. We act as a victim of the corrupt ill system because we are addicted to it. We want short term facilities which can ruin our and others  progress & peace. We are scared to go against the flow because we have started believing in few 21st century sayings which are "Honesty is not the best policy, diplomacy is", "Fake is more considerable/appreciable than facts", "Majority wins".

We, on our own, don't raise voice for truth & honesty, but we start pulling hard the person down knowingly or unknowingly to involve him in our corrupt system by being in the majority. If somebody tries to raise voice against the ill system, we start criticizing him in such a harsh way that person loses his moral and give up the fight of improvement with thinking if you don't want a better system, why should I fight for your betterment? We all are habitual to go with the flow even if we know this is wrong. We might have killed our souls, so we can't hear the voice of the soul when we are doing/supporting the wrong things.

Don't be part or a victim of the ill system. Start change from yourself, discuss with others, support them who are raising their voice for honesty and truth. There is nothing bad to be alone for the truth, but it's bad to kill soul and be in the crowd of wrong ones.

I do believe in fight for the truth and honesty. People usually taunt me "I will be alone", "i won't get anything", "I will lose everything", but I don't worry about it because even if I will lose everything, I will have satisfaction for live up to my principals & Stand for the Truth. I don't know how to "Go with the flow, I go against the flow for the facts". Listen to your soul and be a warrior. To change the system, start changing yourself, your family, friends, home, office, city, state, country and world.

Change will start from  you only.

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