Monday, 6 January 2014

Is system corrupt or ill? or You?

Don't be Part of corrupt ill system
We blame the system and corruption or we do hear people debating on some rules or political parties or acts. People just keep on blaming others for corruption and ill systems, but do we really have right to blame the system?

I think NO. Why? Have you ever tried to change the system? Have you ever taken any effort to improve the system? Just forget about giving efforts on your own. Have you ever supported or tried to support the one who is trying to improve the system?

We, people are so busy in our life, we can only comment on things going wrong or at max, we can just spit our anger out in front of people who cannot do anything for improvement.

We witness conversations people stating India is backward compared to other countries, but I want to ask have you ever tried to contribute in the progress of your country, state, city, company? Let me give some examples, we use water pouches or eat chocolates or snacks and if we can't find dustbin nearby, we throw it on the road. We see males are sitting on the reserved ladies seat, but we don't say anything with thinking that tomorrow I can get that seat so why to speak up? We don't wear a helmet or forget licence and when we get caught by traffic police, we start crying like I'm poor please let me know take 10-50 Rs/-. We don't take a memo, to save some bucks. We pay few Rs extra to get licence at home or to get a loan without any verification. We waste water or keep light switches on because we might think like everybody is wasting why should I save it? Somebody is dishonest with his/her work or not performing his/her job perfectly, we think like why should I say anything? It doesn't matter to me. If a group of people is beating a single person, we either pass away from there or stay there to see free movie scene, but we never bother to call the police or try do something to rescue that person with thinking why should I get into it as it doesn't matter to me?

There can be so many such things happen in our day to day life. Think about few more and I will discuss more on this in an upcoming blog post.

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