Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Don't Search, Be The Right One!

Be the Right Person
As per my routine, I usually read during travelling from office to home & vice verse. Today a girl sat beside me & started a conversation by asking about what book I am reading.She inspired me to write this post. Let me brief you the conversation 1st so you can decide whether it is something of your interest or not. She had completed BA in English literature & pursuing Law part time. Full time doing a job in a call center. She is studying law just to get married to the right guy. The right guy means a rich guy with a bungalow, car, etc. She desires to have lavish life. There may be many boys as well who usually wish to marry a rich or an NRI girl or waiting for some miracle to happen in their life which make them rich.

Nothing wrong to desire to have a lavish life. The thing is why to get dependent on someone? Why to search some well settled & rich life partner to have luxurious life? Why not to work hard & smart. Why not to make your career or earning money focal point in your life? There are so many such whys? :(

She sounds quite innocent as she shared her personal matters with me. She even gave me her number, asked for mine as well, but I rescued myself with healthy excuse. ;) If you also share such personal information to a stranger, I strongly advice don't you risk yourself by sharing such vital information to any stranger. You shouldn't trust anyone because each stranger is not as good as Ash Vyas ;) People might misuse it.

I would also highlight her few comments. She said, "If you won't study well, you can't get a rich guy.", "I am studying just to get married with a well-settled guy.", "In Ahmedabad, there is no value of education. you can't get job with good salary. At max you can earn only 15 K/Month. So I want to be a lawyer then as you know lawyers earn a lot." ;) Don't think I didn't said anything at all. I stopped myself a lot, but couldn't resist a radical woman inside. I said you might earn your own by being a good lawyer, but couldn't change her thinking as accepted. I even asked her will you fight for truth after being a lawyer? She said I will try, but for money has to do something. :( I was like "Aw my India :(" Today itself, I just had a conversation with my colleague that if we are intelligent & capable why not to serve our India? Why not be part of its growth? And the answer she gave me made me feel :'( She extended her destination by 2 more stops even if it costs more to her, just to extend the conversation with me. It means I am a good listener even if I am not interested in having any conversation :P :D

The funny part was when she asked me what my husband is doing? To make her jealous [just for fun] I said, "He is a businessman." She asked, "Means a manager or an owner?" I,  "An Owner" :D She "Wow yar. You are so lucky. We are still searching for the one" :P :D

She really left me in stat to ponder. I mean why don't people desire what is in their own hand? I mean it is difficult to expect something from someone whilst easier to do something on your own as you have control on yourself. Don't try to look out for the right person. Just be the right one. What do you think?

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