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Judgmental Thinking - The Unavoidable Nuance of Human Nature Part 1

Judgmental Thinking - Unavoidable Feature of Human Brain 
Judgmental Thinking. Nobody can refrain this core trait of a human nature. We all behave in a judgmental way at a certain point, Consciously, Unconsciously, Intentionally, Unintentionally . We all know what is being judgmental, but still let me give a brief.

What is Judgmental Thinking?
When we don't know the whole picture of something we start making assumptions about it. At a certain point, we reach to a conclusion from the assumptions we made. That conclusion is known as Judgment. The whole process of assuming & reaching to imaginary conclusion is known as Judgmental thinking. I must admit human nature, the brain & scientific facts behind it are really fascinating. Isn't it?

Let's take an example. If we are passing by a road & see on a sidewalk somebody is beating someone badly. In the majority, we think like, "Aw how cruel the person is? Why the hell is he beating this innocent guy? How brutal he is!" There can be another side of the coin. The person who is baring the drubbing might be guilty. Or do you think anyone just gets whacked by someone without any reason? We behave judgmentally in such scenario.

Why Do We Behave Judgmentally? 
That's an interesting question. isn't it? Simple answer is we don't have much time to dig up the matter in deep to know the facts & to come upon a right conclusion. So in such situation, our mind use the experience & information we have, create an imaginary picture of the next person and/or situation, give us a conclusion - judgment.

Do We Need To Be Judgmental?
Well, scientifically our brain does this to save us from some extra research to excavate the facts. So it is helping us to use our energy & power of brain at right place. So it is something called energy management by the Brain. How smart it is! :)

There are some more facts about this interesting and the most common trait of human nature like can such nature harm us? what we avoid it? I will share it in the upcoming part of the blog. Stay tuned and give your views in the comment section. I would love to hear it.

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