Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to Get The Information Out?

One of the million dollar question how to get the information out of someone? How to read somebody's mind? This question arises in anyone's life. We might want to get the information of some vital assignment or if you are in love, you might want to know does that person really like you or not? etc. We all are trying to find the key of it. So I have brought the key of it for you.

First the disclaimer, This is not a foolproof method, but it will work in 90 to 99% scenarios. There is one very effective saying of very effective personality, "Ash Vyas" that "There is a right key to everyone's heart, we just need to find it". :) So this one is the master key for the majority of scenarios with the majority of people.

So what is the key? The key is "To Oppose". Yes, the key is, get the next person in defense mode by constantly opposing him. When the person comes into the defense position, he will give all the information & evidences needed to prove you were wrong and himself right.

This formula work in all situations like if you want to take a survey about something, just raise the topic in the crowd whom you want to survey. Then speak either positive or negative aspects of that topic with strong & confident tone. Gradually people will start divided in two groups, one in favor and one in against. ;) Even the most reserved person will give his point in 1-2 word or line. If you are in love with somebody and want to know what she feels about you, let me give you the trick. Just speak against yourself. Say you are the worst person on this planet. If she doesn't have any feelings & she is modest, she will say just 1-2 lines like "There is nothing like that. Don't think so". But if she has some feelings, she will defend you from you. She will give you thousands of concrete evidences to prove you that you are so good. To have fun, keep on opposing, get some more thought collection of the next person ;) :)

It might sounds unpractical to you then you can try it on your own. It's gonna be fun. :) You might wonder how do I know this? Well like many more subjects, I like to study human nature because its really variable & fascinating. I like to assess people & their mindsets including myself to have some more instincts of human nature. :) This is a result of that constant observation.

One interesting fact is the person can't resist himself by doing this even if he knows this fact. That's the human nature. :) So even if you have read this post, I or people like me can still apply this key on you ;) But still different people, different nature, so there can be people who don't reveal their thoughts to you by this key ;) So now you have the key to get the hidden info out so have fun!

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