Friday, 21 March 2014

Judgmental Thinking - The Unavoidable Nuance of Human Nature Part 2

Hope you have enjoyed the part 1 of judgmental thinking. If you haven't read it, you may explore it here

So this is time to speak something more in depth about judgmental thinking, its consequences and how to overshadow the judgmental thinking.

Can a Judgmental Nature be Harmful?
The most important question it is! If you are keeping your judgment just to yourself, it is not harmful at all. But the another trait of human nature is Humans are expressive. The most introvert person will share his thoughts & views (which might be judgments) to the person(s) close to him. Gradually, it will be spread to others because we all are connected to many people emotionally and we express our thoughts with them. This is known as a Mouth Publicity, technically. It may be harmful because it will create a false image of that person. It might create hurdles for him & you. There can be many consequences which might get converted in predicaments.

How To Avoid Being Judgmental?
It is impossible for a human to avoid judgmental thinking, but you can avoid it. How? The solution is, don't make the strong statement. Just put it as your point of view. If possible mention "I might be wrong". Keep the doors open for other possibilities. For example, When we see someone putting himself upfront, very strongly, all the time, everywhere. Don't pass the statement like he must be egoistic. You can express the same thought like "I think he must have an ego problem". More better statement could be "I may be wrong but I think he might have an ego problem". See you said what you wanted to without being judgmental ;)

Last, but not the least, most important thing to I would like to share everyone is Someone is like that may be because of certain reason which we don't know. We even shouldn't delve to know. He might have passed from something which made him like this. Everyone have right to live the life & personality of his choice.We shouldn't pass our imaginary conclusion - judgment about him without knowing what he has passed through. Right?

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