Saturday, 21 June 2014

A lady can’t verify. Really?!?!??

It’s a random post based on an experience I had today. If you believe in woman liberation as I do it’s gonna be worth reading.

It was a week off from the office so I was relaxing and landline phone rang. When I answered it from the next hook a lady asked, “Can I talk with Mr. Ashvinibhai Vyas?”
I was like “Whom? Whom do you wanna talk with?”
“Mr. Ashvinibhai Vyas…”
I replied, “There is no Ashvini bhai Vyas here. You have dialed a wrong number”

She said, “I’m talking from the BSNL and it is the same number with that name and it’s a verification call.”
I said, “Then check your form properly lady. It is not Mr. AshviniBhai Vyas. It is Miss AshviniBehan Vyas.”
She didn't apologies as you can expect from the BSNL people. She just accused gender is not defined. Well then I said that “I’m the one, tell me”. She started demanding to talk with my father for the verification. I was saying that “The phone is billed on my name and I am the one then talk to me.” And the lady gave me a lame answer.

She said, “As per the rules a lady cannot verify”.

That sentence just turned me off. I mean the phone is billed on the name of a lady. Why can’t she? The minister of Gujarat is a lady,”Anadiben Patel”. A lady can‘t verify her own phone? Why and how? A lady was asking another lady, “A lady can’t verify the phone. That’s the terms.” I mean come on grow up. I just don’t know was that a real verification call from BSNL or was just a fake phone from some credit card or some plan sellers. But if it was really from BSNL then I would say “GROW UP. You really need to change your thinking.’

I just gave her a short speech on woman liberation and she had hooked it off before I hand over the phone to my father. She mentioned one line that she hasn’t defined the rules. She’s right, but she is the part of the system. She is a lady. And as a lady if you see such things, I think you should at least try to ask for your right. Don’t you? If we all will think like this that it’s a tradition and it’s a rule and it’s not affecting me then how will this orthodox system get change? We have to speak when it’s wrong, don’t we?

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