Sunday, 15 June 2014

Episode 8: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap:  In last episode you seen that Josh took injured Abhimanyu to his apartment and had a depth conversation which ends with a question that does Abhimanyu is in Love with the Kate? If you missed that read it from here:

Do you think I am in love with that girl!?.” Abhimanyu exclaimed

Without a doubt”, John replied.

Abhimanyu turned back and gave him a wicked smile and said “Then you must take a visit to a psychiatrist.” Abhimanyu walked 2-3 steps, gazed outside from the window and said, “I would never love a girl because there is nothing….. called….  love. It’s all about having some fun. Huh, Serious commitments……. doesn’t exist,,, in today’s era. And I..” he turned back, “I just can’t even imagine to fall in love, making serious commitments and spending whole life with a single girl by being his full time servant and a credit card. There are so many beautiful flowers in the garden, why to stick with only one.” He winked.

Then why are you after her? Why are you so desperate to find her? I am totally confused.”

Abhimanyu smiled & suddenly changed his expressions. There was a strain of anger and frustration on her head. He replied, “An award winning writer, Author, spend 4 hours in a prison. Just because of a girl and you think that writer should let her go by proving him a reckless idiot who imagined things in the hills????? I want to prove that I was right. I want her to pay for EVERY SINGLE MOMENT I SPENT IN THE PRISON. Do you get your answer?” 

Well! You answered the question, but I still doubt”. Josh replied.

I get damn to your doubt. You have such a big network. Just go and get the girl. That whole road had blood stains as that man was injured & bleeding.” Abhimanyu commanded. 

In an intense conversation doorbell rang. Abhimanyu opened the door. 

Mr. Abhimanyu, You are under arrest in the case of drunk driving and hit and run accident.”

To be continued
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