Sunday, 22 June 2014

Episode 9: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: In last episode you had seen that Abhimanyu was discussing with Josh that he wants to take revenge from Kate & police came to arrest Abhimanyu? If you missed that episode, Read it from here:

A phone ring breaks the silence of the peaceful morning. The moment phone received, a message vocalized, “switch on the TV and watch my channel”. With little search, remote could be located and TV was switched on. A news channel was showing news which opened the half closed eyes of the Abhimanyu. He throws a vas on the ground in the spur of anger. He replied on the phone, “Where the hell are you?

Just at your door”. Abhimanyu rushed, opened the door and shouted in anger, “You and your disgusting professional steps. Are you my friend or enemy? Just make this thing clear now!

Meanwhile Josh was settled down on the couch with his hallmark wicked smile, “My dear Abhimanyu! If I earn money from the controversy of my friend then what’s wrong with it? If I won’t, someone else will. At least I give you the news at first so you can be prepared for the questions.

But there was nothing to make news of.”

Are you kidding me man? It is breaking news, “Once again the award winning hot and happening author is behind the cage. The main thing to notice is that he was talking about the same girl. Who is this mystery girl? A ghost who disappears? Or a reality? or just an imagination of a tired writer who is looking for his next story?"" Josh winked.

Abhimanyu threw himself on a chair. He seems to be tired and frustrated. After a long silence, Josh asked, “Abhimanyu! If you don’t mind I have a serious question for you.”
You had a cell phone in your pocket at that time. Right?
Before you caught Kelly”..
Kate” Abhimanyu interrupted.
Whatever the name is! Before catching her, if you wish, you could have got your phone out. Right?
Yeah! What’s the point?
Well buddy! The point is”, Josh seems to be really serious, “Yes tell me” Abhimanyu been a more serious listener.
The point is,! Why didn’t you take her pic?

To Be Continued…
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