Sunday, 8 June 2014

Episode 7: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Abhimanyu was injured in a small collision with Kate in the attempt of rescuing a man who was calling her Kelly. He called Josh for help. If you missed it read it from here:

Why you brought me home? We must rush to the police station. The life of that man is at stake”. Abhimanyu shouted.

 “Just Relax”, Josh gave black coffee to him, sat beside him. After a silence of 2 minutes, he started laughing like a psycho. 

Why the hell are you laughing?” Abhimanyu frustrated. With the really hard efforts Josh controlled his laughter and replied, “You got beaten by A GiiiiiiiRL??” Josh started laughing again.

Abhimayu gave a weak try to save his male ego, “I was not ready and she just attacked. Anyways, I am a Man and I can’t raise my hand on a girl.” Josh kept on laughing. Abhimayu got furious and added, “I am a writer, not a fighter. Fuh. Stop it.” Josh tried to stop his laughter and asked him, “You told me that man was calling her Kelly?

Yeah! He was…. Quite strange

It may be possible that was some other girl” Josh took a sip of beer.

No! She was Kate. I know.”  Abhimanyu put his cup on the table and said.

How can you be so sure? Was she looking the same?

No. Actually! Not at all. She was wearing a shabby frock with lots of patches on it. Her hair was chaotic. She was looking like a beggar, but she was Kate. I know.”

Look Abhi! It was 2 at night. You were drunk. It may be your illusion. And even if there was a girl, she could be someone else. It was too dark to see anyone’s face. Moreover you said she was not even looking the same as you seen her before.  I think you need to take rest.”

What the hell do you mean? Am I out of my mind? She was Kate. I know. No matter what that man was calling her. I can” he released his breath and said, “I can never forget her voice, her fragrance. “ Abhimanyu stood up from his sofa, stare at the wall and added, “She was this.. this close to me. I know she was Kate.”
Abhi! Tell me the truth. Do you want to go to the police to save that man? or to get that girl?

Abhimanyu turned back to Josh and gave him an angry look, “1st thing, MY NAME IS ABHIMANYU. DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME ANYTHING ELSE.

Fuh.. Sorry! I forgot you don’t like the short forms of your name, but my question is still there. Why do you want to go to police?

Do you think I am in love with that girl!?.” Abhimanyu exclaimed 
To Be Continued
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