Sunday, 1 June 2014

Episode 6: Inexplicable love story of an Exceptional Girl

Recap: Abhimanyu, a best seller book author had been in a prison because of a mysterious killer girl who just vanished like a shadow. After a month, he saw her again at midnight on a road. If you missed that episode read it here:

The shadow of that girl was coming closer. Abhimanyu was in a state of shock. The girl who sets him up in the prison is just in front of him, but in completely new Avatar. Is it really Kate? Abhimayu was trying to figure out the unsolved puzzle. “Please help me or Kelly will kill me”. An entreaty of the man pulled him out of his thoughts.

Kelly crossed Abhimanyu and headed towards that injured man. “Please let me go, don’t kill me please Nooo please please”. The man was begging. And something happened. Abhimanyu attacked on Kelly from back and held her in his arms. In this sudden attack, her gun fallen down. Abhimanyu controlled her by suppressing her. He shouted, “There is a phone in my pocket, come here and call 911. Now!” That man was standing there in terror and suddenly started wambling . “You fool! Why are you running? Just make a call to police from my phone. She can’t hurt you. She is completely in my control.”

That man shouted from a distance he covered, “You’re mistaken!

What?” Abhimanyu exclaimed.

He's right!” Kelly looked into his eyes and said.

Abhimanyu looked back into her eyes and whispered “what?”.

Kelly smiled and before Abhimanyu could understand anything, Kelly held his palms in her hand, pushed it up, took a sudden turn and gave him a strong kick in his tummy. “aouch!!!” That’s the only thing Abhimanyu could speak and fallen down on the ground. Kelly ran away and disappeared in the dark.

He pulled out his phone out of his pocket with extra efforts and called up, “Hey Josh! Please come to the blue street. I just saw Kelly. I mean Kate!” The broken words fell out & faded away in the dark silent night!!!!!

To Be Continued..
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